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«If we do not have police officers, judges, lawyers and prosecutors:
honest, courageous and efficient;
if they surrender to crime and corruption,
we are condemning the country to the most desperate and atrocious ignominy”.
Xavier Sicily.

Let’s reflect on the quality of the society we are building and on the values ​​on which it rests and even on the possible absence of these. Something very dark, gloomy, evil and sadistic happens in the institution that the narcissistic psychopathic colonel parasitizes.


The institution is in the hands of a colonel with an antisocial personality, a narcissistic psychopath, that has parasitized the company and exercises corruption and all kinds of criminality through and on purpose. But the institution is not only Colonel Marion, this miserable and depraved military man, who is a hypocritical and vile rustler. Of the psycho colonel “think wrong and be right”, he likes to be judged by this Machiavellian standard with which he incriminates others. So what is the same is not cheating. All the sewer into which they have turned the institution is due to the exercise of dishonest and criminal management by the psychopathic colonel and his criminal team. They are the urine and the shit that you join and you are another one of the bunch or, on the contrary, you distance yourself and verify that you are decent. So what can we say about cold or lukewarm people, about the spectators who do not act against this reality? Do they suffer from Genovese syndrome? Or when referring to the flagrant crimes that officials witness against the institution, which is a legal person and do not lift a finger to help it, is this called complicity?

The institution is made up of many people, a crowd that witnesses day by day how a few get rich by hand and illegally at the expense of criminality, malice and sadism for the benefit of the company’s corrupter and his flying monkeys. against the institution and the users who are individuals of the human species, who are not things or objects. All those who practice criminality against the institution and external clients who are human beings are identified. These perpetrators who take advantage of their investitures and circumstantial charges or jobs by “investment” of which they remain on the lookout and hunt for the opportunity to extort users to illegally earn dollars and that intramural and even extramural are registered and reviewed by the institutional population, by internal demography and by society .

Everyone knows who the criminals are in the institution. But those who can make them prisoners are limited to seeing the bulls from the barriers. These spectators do nothing, they are immobilized, they remain frozen and do not raise their hands or voices to defend the corporation, nor the flesh and blood victims. Because they hope that others will do something to put an end to the corruption led by the psychopathic colonel, to the point that no one confronts him or protests him, however they know where the rattlesnake is because all the time it makes noise with its criminal cheekiness. Y their inaction does not justify them because it is not a harmless cat with a rattle that reveals its location when walking, that it is not a simple pussycat, but a tropical rattlesnake, a South American rattlesnake, which is fully identified, because Marion is the psychopathic colonel, who it is a rattlesnake, that together with Sussana and her sister; Lesbia Carlota; the Putative; Isabel his barragana the ethylic one; the ladybugs Abacaxi, González and Martínez; Alexander and his wife; the Carrion Flowers; Chirona ; among other asps of the institution, they have this as their nest of vipers.

Interested in the society they are building and in the values ​​on which it rests, honest people aware of the social damage that corruption, the corrupt and psychopaths in public office transfer to their countries; they evaluate their environment and their circumstances and in order to protect their institutions they generate forceful responses. We have been in charge of reviewing this institutional reality in different languages ​​in a media way, in Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, German, English and Italian, among others; and the readers of the local newspapers have written to us requesting collaboration, concerned with knowing the modus operandi of the psychopathic colonel and his gang; because they have taken these alerts for themselves, circumscribing them to their domestic criminals in their own culture and have launched actions to detect and capture their local corrupt psychopath and whom they identify in their government position and proceed accordingly, they have publicly protested them, In addition, they have been “escracheed” and many of these corrupt criminal bosses are now behind bars facing criminal proceedings thanks to these epistles that expose the truths that decent citizens have not covered up like cat shit, because equal to the psychopath and the corrupt they are located by their stench.

But be careful! You have to do Comparative Law, in the case of the Kingdom of Spain, for example, “the escrache” is a form of democratic participation; while contrary to Argentina and Venezuela “escrache” is generally administered as a hate crime. Therefore, crimes should not be fought by committing crimes and we must all respect the law even if it seems unfair to us. So if the “escrache” is prohibited in your legislation, then even though it deserves it, the advice is that there is no “escrache” against the psychopathic colonel, there being other legal and permitted ways to protest it. It is necessary to know how to press and differentiate the “escrache prohibited” in some legislations, from the civic and legal protest for whose attributes it will bear fruit without undesirable criminal consequences for the conveners.

Oh but “the mourners” of the South American institution intentionally make the deaf, the blind and even the dumb some. Because they are not mourners at all. Because there is no language in which one can call for action against corruption, if there is no willing conscience and if there is no true love for its institutions and if there are no rooted values ​​and principles that come from home. They write to us from other latitudes stating that their actions should help us to become aware of social aspects in which we can improve a lot, so that crimes like these committed by the psychopathic colonel and his band of mischievous monkeys never persist or are replicated. Confronted with this phenomenon, we can become aware of the danger that human passivity can entail.

It has been a rule and until now there has been no exception in those latitudes to which I have referred and in other Latin American locations that serves as an example even if it is not the case to which it is contracted. the corruption led by the narcissistic psychopathic colonel; such as when in prisons those deprived of liberty raise their voices in protest against the cruel treatment and other perversions and corruptions suffered by the directors. That after a corrupt one of these is forcefully protested in the institution itself, the protested official is removed or dismissed from the position in question due to the dimension of the protest and its replicas, because they have left it in evidence and exposed to the view of the society; Well, the people of the institution expel the unwanted by publicly exposing that they do not share these practices of corruption and crime on the part of who, being in charge of the institution, is a scoundrel bandit who takes refuge in the names of decent people to maintain his hegemony of criminality and submission to staff.

So are the spectators of sticks psychological accomplices or material accomplices? Genovese syndrome is a concept used to refer to the psychological phenomenon whereby a person does not provide help, but instead becomes immobilized, when they observe an emergency situation in which they are expected to provide support to another person who is in a situation in grave danger. It seems paradoxical, right? Because with psychological certainty the syndrome refers to natural persons and not legal entities in need of help. Therefore, mutatis mutandis, it would seem that this is not applicable in the case of legal persons when flagrant crimes are committed against them and everyone observes like wooden onlookers and does nothing to avoid them, or to prevent them, or to break their continuity. And the truth is that these spectators become accomplices in these crimes. But, unfortunately, there are many natural persons within the institution on whom crimes are constantly committed in the presence of all those who work there and do not provide help to the victims. They remain still and silent in a complicit attitude. And witnessing that a crime is being configured, they remain undaunted allowing it to be carried out; that occurs when all the elements that are combined in the criminal type or the figure of the crime are carried out, which is reflected with the total coincidence between the facts and the criminal type and nevertheless they do not intervene in any way to help the victims .

The loneliness of the victim. In psychology, thebystander effect” or also known as Genovese syndrome, is the name given to the phenomenon whereby the probability that a person who needs help will actually receive it is lower the more people are present at that moment, the more spectators the less chance there is that the victim receives help. And we do not want to make a homonym to justify so many people who, by not doing anything in favor of the institution, nor of the natural persons who are its users, nor to get out of the psychopathic colonel, have allowed their workplace to discredit and be seen with suspicion by society, because there is no honor, nor many honorable people in the institution. As it is also insane to leave the fate of the institution to the evil of the psychopathic colonel, making then an apology for the crime.

Because it is that only the effect of the spectator or Genovese syndrome can justify that there are so many minds, so many people evidencing the commission of crimes against an institution and its users who are people of flesh and blood; in addition to the loss of the prestige that corresponded to it and do nothing to put an end to this criminal practice that the psycho colonel and their flying monkeys with total cheekiness have established and have endeavored to perpetrate to the detriment of a distinguished creation with a conception of social utility, which unfairly has none of that now.

So guys, “escrache” is prohibited, but on the contrary, the door is open to any peaceful protest.

“Mediocrity is the legitimate daughter of corruption.”
Jorge Gonzalez Moore.

Crisanto Gregorio Leon

[email protected]

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