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“Of all the ways to deceive others,
the serious pose is the one that does the most damage.”
santiago rusinol

This killer fooled the psychiatric system from United States, Edmund Kemper who grew up in a dysfunctional home, was sent to live with his grandparents during his teens who he shot with a shotgun. When he was arrested he stated that he shot his grandmother out of sheer curiosity to do so and his grandfather because he would be upset by seeing the crime scene. He spent 6 years in a psychiatric hospital and three years after his release he would start his criminal career. Between 1972 and 1973 he abused, murdered and sectioned 6 young students, thus earning his alias “the schoolgirl killer”. On September 15, 1972, Kemper received a visit from some psychiatrists who would follow up on his mental state, who declared him completely healthy and that he no longer represented a danger to society, and while he had said interview, the trunk of Kemper’s car kept the head of a young woman he murdered the night before.

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How can they realize psychopaths fool anyone by posing as healthy people And if this murderous psychopath Edmund Kemper was able to deceive the US psychiatric system, just imagine how the psychopathic colonel has deceived a host of institution officials who are not even mental doctors. And even at a breakfast that he invited her the psycho colonel where among the diners was Abacaxi the gozón, as well as a cheerful doctor of the body, of the soma and not of the psyche, who managed to be convinced by the psychopathic colonel not to continue disclosing what he read in the media and on social networks about him and that he did not pay attention to what was revealed about his personality disorder and that he even blocked such news on his whatsapp, that he did not spread it and the doctor accommodatingly ignored him. It will have been seen! So this doctor fell for the deception of the siren songs of the psychopathic colonel? Because I refuse to believe that he received for this “favor” the dispensation from corruption in the institution. I rather vote that like the Kemper psychiatrists, the doctor was duped by the psychopathic colonel. Would it have been like that?

Psychopaths like this colonelThey are people who make use of a sinister cunning, where devious sagacity, subtlety, cunning, trickery and trickery serve them to deceive and achieve their objectives of manipulation, control and corruption. The cunning colonel by the fact of showing petulance, vanity or stubbornness convinces himself and leads him to believe himself more skilled and better than others, always having a trick at hand to achieve an insane purpose.

Like the case of having purposely mocked this doctor who preferred to obey the psychopathic colonel than believe in the empirical evidence that he was able to obtain in his undergraduate studies. the devious colonel He is an ignoramus who does not suspect himself, believing himself to be prudent, sane and of good judgment, because it is the version that his narcissism brings to his dwindling gray brain mass.

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As well as Kemper was declared healthy by psychiatrists and that he did not represent any danger to societyThis doctor without much evidence and without having even read the history of the psychopathic colonel, after that bribery breakfast, preferred to spread the word among his gossips, who ignored it because the soldier never promoted again was a healthy man.

Let’s point out that psychopaths like this social predator colonel, they undertake the task of defaming and discrediting their victims and misrepresenting everything and those who expose it, to distract attention from themselves and make people turn their gaze to another point that is not him. Thus, the psychopathic colonel of victimizer and social predator, poses as victim and prey. That is the game of confusion devised by psychopaths to distract attention. In cases like this, popular sayings such as this one become so valid: “There is no worse deaf than the one who does not want to hear and there is no worse blind than the one who does not want to see.” But in the same way “there is no evil that lasts a hundred years or a body that resists it.”

Every minute a story of corruption pimped and led by the psychopathic colonel is generated in the institution. But also overlapped by those internal officials who maintain his own level of corruptionno. The internal status that corruption gives under the protection of the criminal psychopathy of the colonel, never again promoted, is comparable to a flood resulting from the overflow of sewage.

Have you tried to explain how you can lie so much without scruples, without flinching, without showing any hint of shame, without trembling, without blushing, without hesitating? On the contrary, we are the ones who feel embarrassed just knowing how the psychopathic colonel manipulate and control for evil, for evil and to corrupt the people of the institution. How can you have such thick and personal double standards, pretend to be a scapegoat and actually be an executioner without limits? How can one be so cynical and hypocritical, saying and advocating the opposite of what is being done? Childish or perverse justifications, blatant deception. It seems so amazing to us that we cannot believe it! But everything has its explanation in psychopathy.

Thinking about it, we reread The psycho (Vicente Garrid,-Algar Editorial, Alcira 2000) The subtitle of the book is: “A chameleon in today’s society”, alluding to the adjective chameleon, on the one hand, to the ability of such an animal to camouflage itself, to pretend to be what it is. which it is not really, easily adapting to the characters of the environment where it moves, to appear to “be the same as the others”, (so as not to arouse suspicion in the future prey). As many say, “be normal people”; On the other hand, the subtitle also refers to the fact that the chameleon is a reptile, and as such it is characterized by its cold blood and lack of emotions.

Robert Hare, the most important researcher in the matter says: psychopaths suffer from a deficit in the integration of the emotional world with reasoning and behavior. The psychopathic subject presents the image of a person concerned with himself, cruel, without
remorse, with a profound lack of empathy.

The sources of this character are found in the family, social and educational environment.. Being a psychopath is also learned in the environment. It is done in a high percentage in the socialization process, where the rules of coexistence with others are learned and practiced. This process is initiated by the family, with its affective and behavioral relationships later settling in the learned culture. The psychopath grows up in a family of poor, cold, indifferent affective relationships, without security ties. It is clear that cynicism prevails within the family environment. The child breastfeeds and learns what he sees. Education is generally authoritarian, with rigid rules where obedience prevails (to the established order). They are inclined to obey authority and act punitively towards people who do not have power – authoritarian personality traits. They are comfortable in hierarchical relationships (some command and others obey). When obedience is the highest value, autonomy is impossible. When they do not see a clear authority and there are no orders to follow, these subjects only have emptiness left, the world is threatening, they see it as chaos. This is the childhood portrait of the psycho colonel.

“A lie would be meaningless if the truth was not perceived as dangerous.”
alfred adle

Crisanto Gregorio Leon

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