▷ #OPINION The “D” factor, the evil in the psychopathic colonel #31Ago

“Evil is never done so fully and cheerfully,
than when it is done under a false principle of conscience.
Chrysanthemum Gregory Leon

This colonel full of evil, with manipulative behaviors, emotional coldness and a sinister mentality in pursuit of his own interests.

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Scientifically, evil is something tangible that can be seen in the behavior of people, especially psychopaths. What for this psychopathic colonel is as spontaneous as the interlimb reflex, since it does not dominate it, it is superior to its control and manipulation. While he controls and manipulates people and settings, his psychopathy pulls the strings of his personality and exposes him, exposes him. Although he is a histrion, with a high index of evil, which is not only what constitutes and is already bad enough, the desire to degrade, humiliate, control and cause harm to his fellow men, but also the perverse desire to destroy and prey to another human being, as a wild predator would do with its prey in the jungle, and this has its justification.

Let’s talk about the darkness in the psychopathic colonel, who is the personification of evil, he has no feelings of affection, kindness, appreciation, or empathy for those who suffer or who he has placed in a situation of suffering, among other rogue emotions. He has cold behavior and a characteristic aversion for everything that surrounds him because they are only people and scenarios to achieve his psychopathic ends and he is fed up with having to face those who he feels inferior, but he touches him.

Some organic characteristics identify the psychopath and psychopathy and in this case the least amount of gray matter in the frontal lobe of the brain and in this some scientists have found that the evil of the psychopath resides precisely there, in the frontal lobe of the brain and they represent it like a black spot.

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In the case of the psychopathic colonel, the Dark factor or dark factor is found manifest in the dark triad of his personality: Machiavellianism, narcissism and psychopathy. With what he already has traveled with it a third of the nine traits of factor D.

In effect, the characteristics of the psychopathic personality of this colonel who has never been promoted and which I have exposed in my epistles are well known. His psychopathic essence, his maladaptive behaviors and the entire plethora of behaviors that, within the Hare scale and others, identify him as a psychopath. And of course he is a primal psychopath, a heartless psychopath. Stand out in him, aggressiveness and brutality.

The insidiousness and the desire for power emphasize, among others, how his Machiavellian behaviors within the branches of the characteristics that leave him exposed in what he does not hesitate to manipulate, lie and skip the different ethical or moral principles to achieve any goal as aberrated or illegal. to be.

As for the colonel’s narcissism, the one that comes from his psychopathy is accentuated in his exaggerated sense of arrogance and privilege, in which he needs excessive and constant admiration. He expects his superiority to be recognized, even without achievements to justify it.

Continuing with the nine malicious behaviors in which the evil of the psychopathic colonel resides and in general human evil and that represent the dark core of the personality of this corrupt military man who places his personal interests above any person or anything or situation. and wicked.

This little colonel is a malevolent. He puts before anything else and thus chooses it and selects as the only option, the preference for doing evil. And he does it through aggression of any kind, physical and psychological, through abuse where he takes advantage of his circumstantial position, with which he also humiliates, exercises cruelty and cruelty, with an insolent display of evil. In it he degrades, devalues, depreciates and despises others. This is the malevolence of him.

Another of the nine behaviors that allow us to identify evil in the psychopathic colonel is his sadism, which has also been the subject of a separate epistle, with behaviors that generate a sensation of pleasure and dominance. And it is customary in this moral idiot to inflict physical and psychological pain on others, in which physical and even sexual assaults are alarming.

The laxity. The absence of ethics and moral sense can be seen in the psychopathic colonel as clearly defining his personality and is collected through my articles, especially in the epistle the moral idiot, in which his inability to respect and assume is described. the ethical and moral norms are believed to be absolutely absurd and do not control it. He simply did not develop awareness. He perversely transgresses ethical and moral norms because according to him they are not made to regulate his conduct.

On the other hand, the psychopathic colonel believes he has the psychological right that he deserves more rights, concessions and privileges than others. That he is above everyone and that he deserves everything, that everything should be allowed even if he is illegal, immoral or unethical, because he is superior, because which narcissist believes he is a deity. The rest are poor mortals without rights and without useful meaning other than to serve him. The psychopathic colonel thinks he deserves all the perks and privileges.

This daffodil colonel deploys his activity in a constant search for monetary gains of all kinds, even if they are illegal and the product of corruption, ethical debauchery, bribery and extortion. In short, he is eager for social reinforcements, for recognition, for success, even though he cheats in it, as in the case of fraud for which he is awarded academic titles that he did not study and that you can read in the article about doctor fraud.

And although I left him last, his selfishness is no less important. I exposed it in my article the alter ego of the psychopathic colonel. He is only interested in his own interests and in case of showing some detachment of action towards another human being it is because it serves his personal interests. People fall for this psychopath’s deception because he is an actor, a histrion who shows himself and feigns charisma to trick others into those who yearn to be taken into account, affection and recognition. And he takes advantage of them.

“At our fingertips we have another resource to measure human evil that can also be complemented by the Michael Stone scale, that well-known tool to measure the 22 degrees of evil in people’s behavior.”

“A bad cause will always be defended with bad means and by bad men.”
Thomas Paine

Chrysanthemum Gregory Leon

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▷ #OPINION The “D” factor, the evil in the psychopathic colonel #31Ago – El Impulso