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“The nature of proud and vile men is to be insolent in prosperity and abject and humble in adversity.”
Niccolò Machiavelli

The narcissistic psychopath studies you, chooses you, copies you, objectifies you, seduces you, isolates you, silences you, seeks to destroy you.

In various installments, we have exposed the description and characteristics of two of the traits that make up the dark triad of the personality of the psychopathic Colonel, which are 1.- psychopathy and two.- narcissism, so we will refer in this case to the third trait as it is 3.- Machiavellianism.

With all certainty, the personality of this Colonel is characterized by the dark triad; he is psychopathic, narcissistic and Machiavellian.

In one of the initial interviews that were made to the felon Colonel, taking into account some “non sancta” actions that emanated from him; with extreme naivety his interviewer who had not advanced in his prognosis due to skepticism and believing him to be an upright man without mental defects, an imprecise impression that the psychopathic Colonel himself later took care of erasing with his repeated and customary psychopathic moments, exposing his mental condition with a prolonged pattern of manipulation, exploitation or violation of the rights of others without any remorse and illicit conduct that at first he took great pains to hide or hide, but that he could not contain anymore because due to his alteration of character or his dissocial behavior the entire time in evidence If we did not know that he is a psychopath, we would say that he is also a “dangerous madman”. He is a self-centered and insecure being in need of admiration.

Well, in that interview to favor him, in naive credit for his own good, he was told, Colonel “good faith is presumed and bad faith must be demonstrated”, to which he replied boastfully and excessively, with his eyes wide and presumptuous , like someone who is in need of cheers for his criminal exploits and with a half-faced trickster smile he expressed: no doctor, I think otherwise “think wrong and you will be right”. From that moment, the cry that unconsciously came out of his heartless image to be taken as a very skilled man for cheating and camouflaged crimes, an investigation strategy was made to get to know him, to know who is that individual who wants to be valued for his demerits, more than for his merits, because honor is nowhere to be seen. And this is part of his criminal psychopathology, of his criminal profile.

Not because he used a phrase whose author is Machiavelli did he see the tip of the iceberg of Machiavellianism, but because among other things he constantly develops evil plans and plots crimes with the help of his flying monkeys and his compadres. He is a planner of strategies to carry out acts of corruption and diminution of others, while they hinder him in his claims. He is cunning to carry out criminal acts and easily and deceitfully obtain what he illicitly desires.

This felon looks for the Achilles’ heel of his victims, but when he doesn’t find a tail of straw, then he defames them, spits on them and dirty their reputation and like a gossip he gossips and flaunts his vileness. He studies people to find their weak points and if he doesn’t get them he makes them up, but he can’t afford to be wrong when he hatches a plan. He prefers to make victims rather than rectify and admit that he was wrong. The crux of the matter is to destroy his victims, whom he envies or who he thinks envy him, but that is just a pretext to attack the self-esteem of others, since it is an infamous baseness that he likes to let flow through his diminished gray mass in the frontal lobe of the brain that describes it as an “abnormal” being. Let’s not forget that he is also affected by Procrustes syndrome. He is a jealous hell. As soon as he thinks he has the weaknesses of others in his hands, then he focuses on manipulating or destroying that person, using the entire psychopathic arsenal and the entire cocktail of sinisters and various syndromes with which he helps himself to cunningly attack his predatory personality. An umpteenth number of officials describe how this military man who will never be a General settles on destroying their reputations, negotiations and other activities, just to get enough of hindering the advances of others, because he is pernicious interfering in the private affairs of other people to mock secretly of having prevented so-and-so or so-and-so from managing, for example, some document in a registry, because he telephoned and gave instructions so that they would hinder him; or he could not feed his children, because he humiliates him by withholding food from him until he sees his father genuflected before him or before his flying monkeys; or that he took away their jobs in a diabolical desire to cause suffering to his victims, so that those affected proceed like the well-known case of the Italian dictator Stalin’s hen; or that he murdered the disabled son of an official; or that he tried to seduce a worker with a young girl and then dirty him and trample on his reputation by forging arguments to expose him to derision; or that he defamed them and caused other people to take away the support or respect due to them as human beings. He who humiliates female employees and yells at them and offends them by cowardly hiding behind his precarious moment of power and his victims remain paralyzed with a response of tonic immobility. That he satiates himself maliciously in his circumstantial position to despise and depreciate others, devaluing and minimizing them, attacking their self-esteem, while he boasts of his fortuitous position and the worst thing is that he gets people without criteria who allow themselves to be manipulated so that this damned Colonel achieves his misdeeds. These evil helpers of the psychopath are people in full knowledge that they are doing evil and others are useful fools, puppets and marionettes in their infernal game. Paraphrasing Gabriela Mistral, in those people who are victims and prisoners of this psychopathic Colonel, in them you can see Christ crucified.

But what does black want? Why does he insist on destroying and discrediting people? Because he is a being full of sadism and evil; and when these people are an obstacle in his plans of predation on other people or institutions, or simply for fun and satisfy his psychopathy. In psychopaths like this Colonel, destroying others is a hobby, a pastime. This is how he entertains himself, causing damage to his neighbor, when he envies his neighbor or when he believes that his neighbor envies him. Or there simply doesn’t have to be any reason, just the Colonel’s narcissistic whim or whim.

This social predator is cruel to animals even when he has learned to hide it, he has no remorse, he is insolent, he believes he is the center of the world, he is vengeful, he is a mythomaniac and in his Machiavellianism he is an envious criminal, he is not satisfied with little, rather, he launches insatiable plans of corruption and depredation of the institutions in his capacity as Chief. On the other hand, it does not seem fair to him that others have wealth or that wealth moves around him, being able to steal, extort, steal, falsify, adulterate; in short, committing all kinds of crimes so that the fortune that others see as ethereal and that he focuses on criminally, stays in his pockets. As I said, the psychopathic Colonel has an approach to committing crimes and this is not a compliment, but the corroboration of his criminal mind. What would his parents think?, twisting in their graves, realizing that their son is a prototype of invirtues, of behavioral crap, that he is a thief and a criminal, that he stains them and that he offends the uniform that should honor him. Or perhaps the consanguinity of the parents produced this monster, an incestuous monstrosity, this scourge son of first cousins? Breed comes to the greyhound.

With the distance of the case, if we were to speak in computer language, it would be a Trojan or malicious software that pretends to be something harmless and that gives the attacker access to an infected computer to carry out other malicious actions, generally illegal. Like, for example, *Ursnif, which *is the star Trojan of confinement. It specifically targets PCs and is capable of stealing essential financial information, email credentials, and other sensitive data. This is how this green delinquent manages, who will never reach General, with a low profile and with the help of his flying lieutenants or flying monkeys, he generates plans and executes illicit actions with the appearance of legality. For example, the forging of documents that come out fraudulent with all the legal and procedural requirements, with signs of legitimacy, but their holders have not met the requirements to obtain them other than the illicit payment in foreign currency and the obtaining on the black market of such crucial references . For its granting, all the gates of legality are jumped and its authenticity is of little credibility, since in society it is revealed that its holders are empty of what they should hold, despite being endorsed by an ad hoc institution. Even when it is not the case, it is the illicit sale of documents as a forged and therefore falsified negative test of HIV. And its carrier contaminates innocent people. In this case, with these documents they make fun of the society that trusts that they are authentic and they are not. And their holders pollute society.

This Colonel pretends to be someone harmless and is highly malicious, dangerous, does not practice morality, nor good customs, nor does he respect laws; he is a mean person in offense to his parents, to society and to the force to which he belongs; his behaviors are evidently maladaptive and its confirmation biases they are criminals. This psychopathic colonel is a masked citizen, he is a chameleonic ruffian.

In his Machiavellianism he is capable of all crap, just imagine something macabre, hesitant to do it because it is obscene and corrupt, because it is dirty and transgressive of morality and decency. Or that you think of a crime or other despicable activity that is offensive and damaging to honor, morality, goodness and decorum and that because of its ugliness and repulsion, because of its horror and rejection, you cannot even imagine that this man is capable of to do it pretending to be a jerk. Yes, if he is capable of doing that and much more. He always commits crimes and evil hidden and low key. In short, this psychopathic Colonel does not hesitate to manipulate, lie and skip any ethical, moral or legal principle to achieve his goals, no matter how twisted they may be.

He wants to pass himself off as an “alpha male”, but he enjoys the gossip, the backbiting, the gossip, the slander, the infamy, the gossip, the gossip, the hoax, to destroy his victims. By narcissus he is “a cow from San Antonio”, but not because of good vibes because on the contrary he is evil and it is not a good image to relate to this felon. Do not risk your mental health or your soul by wanting to rub elbows with this filthy psychopathic Colonel, who will make you his accomplice and you will be a flying monkey criminal to satisfy his misdeeds and criminality. Don’t drag yourself, value yourself, have self-esteem.

It is important to choose the people we want to accompany us on a day-to-day basis. His human quality, his level of awareness, his values ​​and virtues, have a beneficial impact on our lives.

“You have to be a fox to know the traps and a lion to scare away the wolves.”
Niccolò Machiavelli.

Chrysanthemum Gregory Leon

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