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“Envy is a declaration of inferiority”.
Napoleon I

The envious psychopathic colonel does not want what you have, because he feels that you do not have what he has, because he surpasses you with everything he has, whether it is heritage, money or talent, he thinks he is above everyone. His pretensions are supra-atmospheric and only he can get there. He, well, he has a special suit designed for that purpose, the others are sad mortals, some trash. So no one can even be equal to him and that is what he is for, to prevent someone from being equal to him, unless they are stronger, more empowered, more related than him, in such a way that he cannot, that he has no choice , but resist the desire to destroy it and swallow the desire to see it fall.

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But, paradoxically, the envious psychopathic colonel if he wants what you have, he envies you, for him it is audacity on your part to know more than he knows, to know more than he knows, or to have graduated with honors in professions that he wanted them to be his, or to have actually studied for academic degrees for which he committed fraud. Let us remember that one of his many names is doctor fraud. Because how can it be possible for someone like you to have a profession that he doesn’t have? , that is unheard of for the psychopathic colonel, if the only one cognitively suitable and prepared is him. That’s why he treats professionals who don’t line up between his flying monkeys with nonsense.

The narcissistic psychopathic colonel is enviously annoyed that others can be better than him in any aspect. So he doesn’t want you to have what you have, or to have more than you have, or to become someone more solvent than you are, or even to be solvent, or even to be being someone because that offends him, he feels displaced, he feels that he is overshadowed, because deep down, due to his narcissism, he experiences a feeling of inferiority that he tries to hide by throwing them off from God. This is how the psychopathic colonel is, because his envy is more complex, more wicked, more morbid, his envy is psychopathic. The envy of the psychopathic colonel is vilely heartless envy. One cannot speak of healthy envy, because in the psychopathic colonel none of his virtues are healthy and they could hardly be healthy if they are not virtues. A platitude truth.

The psychopathic colonel radiates his envy in various ways, because he peculiarly feels that others are envious of him and here is a real passage in the notes of his maladaptive behaviors.

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The occasion in which a civil official wanted to make an innocent comparative simile sadly with this damned colonel, who in a bad moment even thought of believing him empathetic, was vilely interrupted by the narcissist. Listen Colonel, if I were you…and the official was able to articulate words until then…when the psychopath with his intermittent explosive disorder and his megalomaniac disorder yelling at him with bravado, conceit and arrogance, he left him stunned and told him…don’t compare yourself to me, I’m far superior to you… The guy definitely has a fucked up brain. In a world where people call the presidents of the nations by their first names and compare themselves with them in all kinds of ways and even in a humorous way, and they treat any official and even pastors, ministers and priests on a first-name basis; this abnormal brainless colonel believes himself to be superior to others…. What could this institution as an entity and its workers as a whole do to deserve a psychopathic guy like this colonel at the forefront of their destinies? Beyond: What could this society have done to have this primary and heartless psychopath, disguised as empathic people and parasitizing a public entity? The psychosocial damage that this son of first cousins ​​has produced in the officers of the corporation, is a damage that will not be easy to evaporate, because many are hurt, victimized and have fallen prey to this social predator, while others are psychologically positioned for the commission of all kinds of crimes and especially extortion for following the bad example of this colonel never promoted again.

The voyeuristic colonel, the black thief as he is identified among soldiers who know him well and know how he sabotaged his own promotion, envy is natural to him because it comes from his psychopathy and narcissism.

The psychopathic colonel cannot have among the company’s workers people or professionals with outstanding talents, there cannot be people whose academic and professional preparations put him according to what he feels against the wall or make it clear that he does not know as much about what he proclaims, unless they are his servants and vassals, slaves or bootlickers, and then he will praise them, because due to his Procrustean syndrome, he will throw them out, exclude them, mock them and make them feel insignificant and inferior; because the only one who can be professionally smart and capable, the only talented one can be the psychopathic colonel. Let no one else have the audacity to show talent, unless it is a genuflex talent, a servile talent, a delinquent talent, a talent without probity.

In these days, in which the psychopathic colonel is looking for acceptance, before the strong news of his removal, he wants all the evil, sadism and corruption that have characterized his management to be suddenly forgotten; He is only seen with people over whom he has domination, some for being naive, others for humble, others for drones and others for being his criminal accomplices without whose actions he would not have been able to have deceived so many people, nor have sold so many documents illegally, nor have he extorted as many millions of dollars as those he has tangled up between his legs.

As I have explained in other epistles, by developing his psychopathic profiles from an early age, in childhood, envy has been a characteristic in the personality of the Narcissus Colonel, who, notoriously mythomaniac, also stole the toys of his classmates, of their neighbors and their cousins. His envy is chronic, as is his psychopathy. And as is well known “psychopaths are brutally selfish, superficial, frivolous and envious, they rarely celebrate the success of others, they never accept their own faults, they simply exceed others. They blame others for their own mistakes, their deceptions and manipulations”.

“Envy is a thousand times more terrible than hunger,
because it is spiritual hunger».
Miguel de Unamuno.

Chrysanthemum Gregory Leon

[email protected]

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