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“Half the damage that is done in this world,
It’s because of people who want to feel important.”
T. S. Eliot

The official recounts the vicissitude by which this evil colonel years before had crossed his path, long before he was his boss and how, like a bad bone, he left the worst impression given the personality that the narcissistic felon flaunted. “The day was bad only because that jerk got in my way, although out of resilience I had forgotten that afternoon of storm clouds that now comes to my memory.”

I met this psycho colonel on the bad day, in a traffic jam on the bridge. He replied that he was a lawyer before the claim of another who was, whom he pretended to abuse authoritatively, as it was always a fraud, the fraud doctor, filled with despotism and emboldened by his circumstantial power, unfortunate military man who lives in a permanent psychosis, is an impostor, always has been. His imposture comes from his inferiority complex by which he disguises himself as superior to everyone and lies, boasting of being more than others, of being superior to his victims or his prey or whom he envies or whom he believes has him. envy, to artificially overcome, in the immediacy of his psychopathy, someone who is really and obviously superior to him and in that effort he shoots out like the “Interlimb reflex”, but in his case pretending to be grandiose, megalomaniac, this being the umbrella where he hides the tail, his lycanthropic tail and this will be the subject of another epistle. He would unfortunately cross my path again, years later, says the official, but I did not initially identify him until later, passing the movie of the time when I got rid of his evil presence. Said the official.

It is common to hear about the abuse of power by the psychopathic colonel. Already on the bridge he left many stories of abuse, despotism and corruption. In the bar in the wardroom is the almost obligatory story. My father’s friends reveal his whereabouts to me and they weren’t gossip. He always takes advantage of his rank to prey, it is natural for him to influence and manipulate others, with which he alters realities and situations always in his favor to hide his crimes and corruptions. And as a cat he hides his excreta but the stench reveals him. And he misuses his ability to influence his stars to cause damage of various kinds.

He is unbalanced, who has been able to hide under military clothing to go unnoticed his criminal cruelty and his perversity, his pretensions and his emboldening, for which some attributed his excesses to the military toughness, but big mistake, it is a psychopath .

They have been victims of the abuses of authority of the psychopathic colonel: children, the elderly, the sick, the young, prisoners, women, employees, the poor, and in general ignorant, unconscious or dispossessed. And the voluntary slaves, those masochists who allow themselves to be bossed around because they have appraised profits and deals. The damned colonel maleficently sharpens his moment of power with increasing levels of sadism and evil in his criminal record in the record of human rights violations. But memento mori. They have been victims as well as people for which he has to be persecuted and imprisoned; but also the defenseless animals that he has seen, some of them have served as target shooting.

By his influence on others, such as subordinates and functional illiterates, people of servile talents and subjects of small minds, he is a rigged bully whose skills in deception people with low self-esteem are impressed that they have a “friend” colonel, without realizing it. that psychopaths are not friends with anyone, because they use you as subjects and servants, and this military narcissist uses a trickster charisma so that with the help of credulous and asshole accomplices it has been made easier for him to seize considerable resources taking illicit advantage of entities that have been entrusted to him to manage.

Perpetrates abuse, through psychological games, mental games to control or damage emotionally: through humiliation, intimidation, stalking, instilling fear and fear, uttering verbal abuse. In a despotic and degrading performance, he exercises forms of domination and authoritarian control, abusive as a boss in labor relations. He feels brave because he has a gun on his belt, because he is a colonel and is supported by his compadre, he is emboldened, rooted in his context and in his circumstance. He inflates like a daffodil because he is faster than Michael Phelps, he says, because with the money he has stolen, half the planet is known. Take away his position, says Sussana, and the colonel is nobody. He doesn’t punch someone cleanly because he’s a coward. «I am the colonel without balls, because those are given to me by the weapon, the rank and the circumstantial position».

In a sinister plot with its flying monkeys, especially with Abacaxi, it combines forms of abuse, and has perpetrated damage, harm and suffering to officials due to abuse of power, generating frustration, humiliation, low self-esteem, depression, disrepute, pain, suffering, imprisonment, isolation. among other human rights violations.

The personality characteristics of the psychopathic colonel that operate as detectable indicators in his nature and that show his behavioral tendencies of total abuse of power are: Authoritarian communication style, egotistical disposition, desire for power, difficulty accepting suggestions or criticism, high need attention, pleasure in harming people and animals, frequent use of drugs, pleasure in breaking the law, unhealthy competitiveness, and the possibility of acting in contexts of judicial impunity.

The psychopathic colonel uses his quotas of power to abuse, convinced that he is acting appropriately or legitimately. There are many excesses of his, which he has executed using his position or his hierarchy as an excuse.

When analyzing the abuse of power by the psychopathic colonel, we must examine some aspects carefully: he does it intentionally, maliciously with bad intent, with the purpose of despising and preying, of undervaluing the other, of attacking his self-esteem; the ways and mechanisms he employs are deplorable to trample on people, be they his subordinates or free officials whom he sees as his property, he sees as slaves. When he abuses his power, he has the conscious intention to harm his victim either spiritually or physically when he somatizes the psychological damage. He always has bad intentions by exercising despotism with his abuse of power and authority. The psychopathic colonel’s way of acting is cruelty and severe psychological punishments that are proscribed in the world of freedoms and in the charter of human rights. His inhumane methods usually reveal thoughtlessness or cruelty; moral disrespect and lack of empathy, lack of respect or compassion. “This son of first cousins.”

The consequences of the abuse by the psychopathic colonel should be enough for him to be required to change his behavior through the courts of justice or for the officials to stop being afraid and protest before the media that are eager to listen to them. I assure you. The abused regularly suffer and lose. As they have written to me. “The Abacaxi yells at us and disrespects us, he thinks we’re worthless, that we’re trash.” Changing that implies instructing the abuser, because if he does not receive punishment for his acts, the grayish ground is fertilized and an accomplice of impunity that stimulates new abuses, as indeed they are repeated. Behaviorism teaches us that rewarded behavior tends to be repeated. And the omission, the negligence, operate here as rewards for the antisocial action of the psychopathic colonel and the abusive shouts and scoldings of the heresy of him Ananás el jozón.

The psychopathic colonel along with his protected flying monkeys, lie, attack, steal and break the laws, they are abusing the power that their rights confer on them and they make fun of everything and everyone while their Boss is at the height of his evil and his finite circumstance. If the highest authority of the entity or the psychopathic boss does it, it is much worse, and that moral idiot, he loses credibility and legitimacy, and is exposed to legal sanctions, many of them imprescriptible. The long arm of the law awaits them.

Ethics is the individual ability to evaluate each situation as good or bad, convenient or inconvenient, adequate or inappropriate, according to one’s own or particular values. Evidently in the institution the excesses have gone out of perspective, like those who board a cursed route whose guides are two evil workers who mock God to drop their pants in a sodomite surrender to the psychopathic colonel, because they have no self-esteem or dignity and their The only response to such dazzle of feeling loved by the narcissist is to crawl and offer their souls to the cursed goblin.

When morality fails because values ​​were not rooted in the family, individual performance in the exercise of power also fails, because morality is typical of the convictions and social traditions exerted as healthy pressure on the members of the group, for the support of the good manners, which in the case of the institution run by the psychopathic colonel are conspicuous by their absence in him and in those who must set the example, of kindness, education, rectitude, good manners and empathy.

And the law that is the framework of the accepted regulatory norms for the coexistence of societies, including the sanctions applicable to those who commit crimes, must be respected, but the psychopath is a quintessential scoffer of the laws and this sick military man is pimped to the detriment of the society. “But the long arm of the law will catch them.”

“The authentic merit is, being able to do harm, not doing it.”
Publilius Syrus

Chrysanthemum Gregory Leon

[email protected]

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