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“Success without honor is the greatest of failures”
Vicente del Bosque

For those who blindly obey the psychopathic colonel, it is mandatory to shake them. I quote a passage from the book “The art of commanding”, by Captain André Gavet: “Humanity never finds more opportunities to manifest itself than in war, to such an extent that it constitutes one of the elements of military honor. Inhuman acts committed outside the field of combat have always been considered dishonorable.

Then the team of the psychopathic colonel finds out that the institution is a civil company, with civil purposes and that neither the customers internal employees are, nor external clients are users, none of them are military objectives, that the staff is not the enemy and, therefore we are not in a combat field, that you and your boss carry out shameful acts dishonorable. That the psychopathic colonel has no honor and that he has not even participated in a mini-library war. That Sussana, in addition to selling positions, is not doing human management, but tormenting and chasing the staff with a whip. And not to mention the users, who are subjected to constant extortionthen they will then be extortionists.

Envy is a manifestation of the Procrustean syndrome suffered by the psychopathic colonel, Calderona and Sussana, among other grotesque little characters who worship Mamón and grooms of the club they have turned the institution into; that they have animosity towards those who still remain inside and that they legitimately possess extraordinary academic honors, being that enough “offense” to treat them with contempt and contempt, to attack their self-esteem. Because the pieces of the psychopathic colonel by degrading imitation behave like him, destroy what works and ally with criminals. The time to honor yourself will come to an end, Colonel Psycho.

They intrigue, flatter and deceive, instead of ending the corruption that eats away at the institution, when its abomination is greater because they are the hands of a soldier without honor. An aberration that has allowed this never-promoted soldier to get out of line, extort, sell documents illegally, commit excesses and violations of human rights with the consent or silence of his co-religionists, his lieutenants, his pieces, his flying monkeys; in an institution for which the laws do not exist unless it is in an accommodative application to victimize innocents and those who do not allow themselves to be extorted and / or trampled. By the way, here they prefer professionals with the Dunny Kruger syndrome, and illiterate consultants, with titles of dubious origin such as the one obtained by the fraud doctor, who, due to his circumstantial position, granted himself the parchment and of course you already know about it. who is it You guessed it, it’s about the psychopathic colonel, known in the underworld as Marion the fraud doctor.

There is no legacy of dignity. These characters, their flying monkey accomplices, are the pieces of the enemy. Pieces of a soldier without honor, they are an “active and voluntary part” of a network aimed at rudely and arbitrarily extorting dollars from users to, for example, in the case of Ananás, have breakfast, lunch and dinner, together with their ladybugs in expensive restaurants. of the locality; buy cars, a luxurious house and mount rainbow bacchanalia, even with cocaine and whores. Just as it is known about this Catarina that she throws wild parties where she eats, drinks and has sexual relations without hindrance. This Abacaxi has amassed a lot of power.”corrupt” in a short time and has superlatively surpassed in depravity those who preceded him who, compared to him, is a baby girl. Some want to use you, some want to be used by you, some want to abuse you, some want you to abuse them. The value box of these characters is an ode to the underworld. The moral disorder is alarming, in this Sodom and Gomorrah. The trullo awaits everyone, because “there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed; nor hidden, that it should not come to light. If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear.” Mark 4:22.

Like the occasion when the one who with ill-gotten money, in complicity with the dethroned king, got her buttocks, her boobs, got a squared abdomen, set up a copy center in the institution and gave her father a truck as a gift , and that with the support of Joselito she is a skillful stealer of the chickens in the dining room; without counting his many personal expenses that come out of the pocket of the users, and that now from another company of the same business as the one parasitized by the psychopathic colonel, it makes brothelization of the sacred and for whose support Colonel Marión, the black uncle, the moral idiot, the narcissist remains clinging to the Headquarters of the institution that only a few are hurt by their prestige and their uncertain future. Many claim to be Christians, but you will know them by their works. The institution is full of false Christians, according to his colleagues, who arrived crying when he entered because he did not have to feed his children, now he is exposed because he steals, steals, extorts, corrupts, and in addition to that he extracts the food from the dining room and sells it clandestinely; In addition, with arrogance he is inflated by the power that the psychopath has delegated to him to commit crimes and whose favorite phrase is How much is there for that? But still, telling himself that he professes the Christian faith, he maintains a notorious adultery with the nurse and it is the psychopathic colonel’s loving secret from him. It is that he follows the bad example of the narcissistwho, like all psychopaths, is bisexual and has preferred the faded youth of Isabel, her drunken barragana, to respecting his wife, that dedicated woman who for twenty-five years shined his boots so that he would elegantly attend “serving”, but whom he beat and manipulated with Gaslighting.

But like many, none of them think about their souls, but about obtaining black money, like the one that the psychopathic colonel appropriates. Because being characters that let themselves be used; they are wearers and feel bloated because the soldier without honor turns them inside out like a dirty sock. This team of criminals who share the dishonor of having caused the discredit of the institution and its products that under the colonel’s psychopathic managementThey are a group of subjects that have decided to burst, to drill the last degree of decency that may still exist in the institution. It causes nausea, so much spiritual, moral, ethical and legal relaxation in the institution that parasitizes this military man who has never been promoted again.

Obese, for example who has no self-respect, is a dangerous covert piece of the psycho colonel, who due to his criminal cunning keeps a harmful admiration for himself and an unhealthy loyalty. “I swear you have to love me,” Obeso tells the psychopathic colonel. The “pull balls” himself, the jaleti, the plugged in. Obese is, the chicken of the psychopath. He skins him alive and he insists on professing love to the psychopath. There are many unknowns here. The fact is that he flatters the soldier without honor, the psychopathic colonel and invites himself only to serve as a spy for him. I will illustrate it with an example: “Stalin, the Soviet dictator, plucked a chicken alive, which, desperate for pain, tried to escape, but could not. And he said, “Watch what’s going to happen.” He put the chicken on the floor and stepped away from it a little and grabbed a handful of wheat while his accomplices watched as the chicken, scared, sore and bleeding, ran after Stalin as he threw wheat at her and circled the room. . This is how Obeso’s brain works. “I love the psycho colonel, he kicked me but he is very smart. I admire him, he is my hero. I am his spy, I am very smart ”. Undoubtedly, Obese as well as the institutional group suffer from Stockholm syndrome. Those affected by justifying their aggressor take care of their jobs and their diminished salary income.

Regarding due obedience, some subordinates and officers may have felt obliged to comply to the letter of the psychopathic colonel’s orders. But the first act of due obedience is respect for the Constitution and the laws, framed in the context of a republican democratic philosophy, where ethics and morality prevail. Stop making stews. And never forget that you have to appear before the judgment seat of God.

“The people should not be satisfied that their leaders do well,
should aspire that they can never do wrong”
Mariano Moreno

Crisanto Gregorio Leon

[email protected]

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