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“Ambition often leads people to perform the vilest tasks. That is why, to climb, the same posture is adopted as to crawl.
Jonathan Swift

For those who cannot perceive the vile man who hides behind the facade of “decent and cool”, and find it difficult to expose and expose this deceitful character, I will describe how this military man acts, who has never been promoted again, to pass himself off as a innocuous and gentle man for the deceived, – because he who knows he is deceived is not deceived -, because he camouflages himself like a chameleon to appear the personality that he wants you to perceive of him and that in his theatrical version “throws the stone and hides the hand ”, manipulating the behavior of many, in what among a variety of things tells some how to be infamous against others and the worst thing is that there are people without criteria who obey like sheep and forget that they could fall into the hands of their victims in other scenarios because life gives surprises and many twists and turns.

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In order to pass himself off as a “magnanimous” man, he behaves according to circumstantial interests with some puppets as if he were an empathetic man, while that temporary or provisional appearance serves as a shield and placet to keep his alter ego incognito, to keep protected to the psychopath who lives in him, because he wants to give the appearance of what he is not, as long as this is a useful resource to perpetrate evil, sadism, injustice and corruption. He therefore assumes on urgent and necessary occasions, the appearance of a correct man, to distract the observer’s perception and make the majority think that what is said about him is pure falsehood. Thus he distracts those who allow themselves to be distracted and tells them: “that is false” and the sycophants and those who have their businesses and their unspeakable interests with the psychopath follow the current pimp and accomplice. And how can they not be condescending to the psychopathic colonel if they are his accomplices and his flying monkeys!

The constant behavior of the psychopathic colonel is the behavior that materializes with his personality disorders. The isolated behaviors in which he wants to pass himself off as an empathic man, what they do is corroborate and sign his psychopathy. He uses his well-calculated evil stratagems to achieve his evil ends, whether he has to pass himself off as a good man, or disguise himself as Santa Claus in order to create doubt in the minds of those who observe him but do not know him and who see him with empathic glasses without stocking up on the glasses to see and perceive psychopaths.

An official writes to me that the perverse colonel perpetrated all the evil that he could satiate out of envy of this man and his professional career and the poison that he could inoculate that in his moment of euphoria of power served him to show off his psychopathy and who within all the injustices that the moral idiot or this military narcissist made his work life and even his personal life intolerable, since he dedicated himself to meddling and invading private spaces of the official to annul him in various scenarios. What he triggered in the murder of his autistic son, an innocent man who had the misfortune that the damned psychopathic colonel got in his way. An autistic boy killed by a psychopath. Although you do not believe it. Even to pass himself off as a man who is above good and evil, he takes advantage of that position and the “gobballism” of some officials, to discredit his victim. And the damned pretends that they don’t even read the reports against him, because he orders his accomplices not to read them and some “assholes” pay attention to him, and he is artificially far from all the evil he commits and propitiates, because he throws the stone and hide your hand And to seal the brooch of psychopath, he left the official jobless, to satiate himself even more in the misfortunes that he causes for others, which are not alien to him because he designs and executes them.

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There were empathetic people who wanted to alert the official, and when he did it was too late, the colonel had already crowned his evil as the psychopath he is. The official did not understand what was happening, until he was able to gauge the sick hand of the psychopath colonel in all the misadventures he was enduring.

This psychopathic colonel is in full use of his mental faculties, his psychopathy does not exonerate him from his criminal, civil and administrative responsibilities, in the performance of his duties or for the crimes committed against people.

The issue is that empathic people see and observe him with their empathic lenses and have not captured that he acts like every psychopath and therefore observers must provide themselves with the necessary inputs to understand how a psychopath acts.

If they don’t know a psychopath, haven’t dealt with a psychopath, and don’t know how a psychopath works, then they won’t see the psychopath in the colonel.

The psychopathic colonel is not a gentleman, that is not a constant in his way of proceeding. He is evil, among other personality disorders he has intermittent explosive disorder. He is intermittently explosive, has intermittent behavior, has sudden and repeated episodes of impulsive, aggressive, and violent behaviors, or aggressive verbal outbursts in which he overreacts to the situation. The psychopathic colonel is a disguise for a person and if he decides to behave in isolation as a gentleman on occasion, rest assured that he is looking for something perverse, because nothing a psychopath does has purity or innocence, all his acts have their forbidden intention or its hidden perverse intention. All the acts of the psychopathic colonel are premeditated to deceive and all are aimed at leaving him alibis and dissimulations in his personality and in his acts of corruption.

Do not forget forensic psychology students and the general public, my respected readers, that the psychopathic colonel has several personality disorders, among which we can list, 1.- the antisocial personality disorder or psychopathy, 2.- the narcissistic personality disorder, 3.- intermittent explosive disorder, 4.- megalomanic personality disorder, 5.- sadistic personality disorder, 6.- histrionic personality disorder and also suffers from various syndromes in his specific and particular case, such as hubris syndrome, Dunny Kruger syndrome, lycanthropy psychiatric syndrome – it is really unpleasant to see how he imitates a dog to intimidate his victims –, he is a voyeur, with intermittent behavior, he uses malefic of Galton’s whistle and applies gaslighting as one of the dark forms of domination. He is markedly a moral idiot, he disregards what an idiot of moral norms because according to what they are not made for him to obey. With this resume, they will realize that the psychopathic colonel is a gem set in the gullible innocents who follow his game and in the sycophants who have his interests with him and for him in the institution he parasites.

His position is not even representative, I explain it this way. His position is not popularly elected, he is not chosen by the votes of anyone other than the influence for which a compadre placed him there. On the other hand, he was never examined psychologically or psychiatrically to occupy that position and that, like his head of personnel, they are ignorant in terms of human talent. They came to treat the workers with despotism and slavery. That the colonel has managed everything from cheating to get into the military school, to committing so much corruption that he was banned from further promotion and forced to retire.

Taking advantage of his circumstantial and temporary position of power, he commits perverse injustices.

A naive official told another, I was surprised, the colonel acted like a gentleman to me today. Well, there is nothing to be surprised about, in fact what you did today was a performance, because the colonel is an evil actor. He suffers from histrionic personality syndrome and when he has to stage a character to achieve what he has planned, then he even dresses up as Santa Claus. His behavior is intermittent, today he laughs with you and tomorrow he turns his back on you if you greet him, or he leaves you with his hand outstretched, or he plays deaf so that you chase him until he gets you to take him into account because a fan in love harasses him . Because narcissists like him want to feel important, they need an audience and to be idolized because they believe they are gods at the heights of power, because grandiosity is one of their characteristics. They need to be taken into account, flattered and plan situations where their presence is out of the ordinary and appear as the stars of the place and in this there are unwary who are flatterers. In narcissistic psychopaths like the case of this colonel, education and good manners are selectively applied, as appropriate to the scenarios, circumstances and people.

This article is a posthumous tribute to my dear friend Álvaro, who was able to detail the perfidies of the psychopathic colonel.

“Men who have the same vices support each other.”

Chrysanthemum Gregory Leon

[email protected]

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