▷ #OPINION The rotten colonel, the institution is another victim #24Ago

“The bad when it is pretended to be good, it is lousy.”
Sir Francis Bacon

The irruption of the psychopathic, narcissistic, lycanthropic and voyeuristic colonel, with his predatory action in this organization of social utility, with his corruption and bad examples, has caused deep structural damage to the personality of so many, in addition to the distortion of the vision, mission and purposes of that entity, to the point that it has transmuted the perception that the population had of its products. The evil presence of this scoundrel has transformed even his products for the worse. The passage of this psychopathic colonel through the institution has left a dangerous negative impact on it and its surroundings. This dissocial and moral idiot is like a Trojan virus that has installed itself on the hard drive of many – in their brains – and has filled them with rotten garbage whose stench is nauseating.

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It has many edges to consider the matter of only or only removing from office this repulsive psychopathic colonel, who has disguised himself as decent people and good vibes, to achieve his perverse ends of corruption and extortion. It is about a social aggressor and a sexual aggressor who, on the eve of his removal, seeks to leave unscathed from criminal, civil and administrative responsibility. Of course he should go to jail and leave the institution’s premises in handcuffs. With the hooks placed and giving great publicity to this feat of justice through all the media and social networks. He is a rotten fruit and of course he has corrupted many people. He has rotted many people by contact, who yearn for the presence of Colonel Daffodil to maintain his criminal status quo, to preserve his world from corruption.

Surely at some point, for example, you have bought several melons and by letting one of them begin to form mold and keeping it together with the other healthy fruits, the moldy melon by contact transmits its putrefactive condition to the good melons. The moldy melon is the psycho colonel. And there are going to be many “melons” that the psychopathic colonel and his rotten melons will stop perceiving.

The rotten cells remain in the institution, the contamination has spread like microscopic spores full of evil, vices, impunity, arrogance and boasting, of minds that now only know how to steal, extort, position themselves in corrupt scenarios, and many no longer know how return to the fold of ethics, morality and respect for the law. Like a sodomized victim who requires long, rigorous and extensive treatment to erase the psychological sequels left by the predator, the institution will require a sui generis treatment, a special and spatial treatment. Many officers and other employees of the corporation need to be removed. The virus is installed in a large number of people and has replicated itself, has even metamorphosed and has taken over many now insane consciences.

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The psychosocial risk that I have been warning about is the psychological and behavioral damage left by this social mess, due to the indecency of its management. But that he has made his farewell dinner posing with a grimace of a smile among his flying monkeys, to radiate an image of a good-natured old man, in which Ananás the gozón along with his swollen accomplices are photographed on the riverbanks, celebrating the thousands of dollars left by the most recent extortion and by the impunity of his perversions until now.

An extreme invasion in the lives of so many and the systematic destruction of the principles and values ​​of others who were only looking for an excuse to also put their immoral rubbish. The values ​​and principles of people who did not receive the correct guidance from their parents , breeders or guardians in their home , because it was enough for them that an unprincipled little guy appeared on the scene to lead them to corruption and they did not put a brake or a brake on it . resistance, they only allowed themselves to be corrupted and corrupted in turn. They succumbed so dragging themselves to the delinquent apologies of the psychopathic colonel that surely his parents and especially God are ashamed of such corrupt children.

With high levels of repudiation, rejection and disapproval, this infamous colonel leaves the institution shaken. Decent people mentally execrate him because it is known that psychopaths, when they are in charge of an institution, corrupt it and make us lose confidence in it.

The psychopathic colonel is a rotten fruit and by their fruits you will know them. Someone is judged by his work, the cause by the result. This paremia is of biblical origin (St. Matthew 7, 16). There has been so much evil and satiety of the perversions that characterize the management of this monstrosity that only his accomplices on the banks applaud him, dressed in fluses and finery, in cynicism and in offense to decent people.

With improper acts, without shame, without dissimulation, or scruples, they do whatever unethical, immoral and illegal aberration the psychopathic colonel allows them, because until now they feel protected by the architect of corruption, by this soldier who has never been promoted again.

This perverted colonel has kept the trap operation active in the institution. He is a cheat by definition and that is what has characterized his daily work in which he has “happily” dabbled in all kinds of crimes consented to by his superiors, other inferior cheeky guys, also immodest and immoral.

His time in the institution has been dishonorable, even if he wants to give a virtuous image that does not exist. Disturbed psychopath, you can’t hide your predatory personality, you are a mean evil spawn. “And indeed, you are not a saint, you are a psychopath.”

Of course, psychopaths like this colonel don’t develop a conscience. The coldness with which he executes the crimes and the contempt with which he treats his victims is of such vileness that cruelty and cruelty are the garnishes of his sadism insofar as with them he offends his own soul, God and configures the violation of human rights. This malicious criminal should be judged like the Nazis in Nuremberg for all his inhuman acts.

Like the interlimb reflection, the personality of this sinister psychopathic colonel emerges without much effort, revealing his cunning evil that he cowardly commands others to commit, who, sodomized, drop their pants to feel like emulators of the corrupt ruffian in his circumstantial ephemeral moment of power, but who his accomplices and flying monkeys in their minds believe that it will be eternal.

“Where there is a rotten root, there will always be rotten fruit.”
Joyce Mayer.

Chrysanthemum Gregory Leon

[email protected]

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