18 Series That Had Such Unexpected Twists This Year That They Left Us Wondering What’s Next

We have order to the members of the BuzzFeed community tell us about the best plot twists from the TV series of 2022. These are the moments that left them speechless:

🚨Warning: The following giant spoilers include recent releases like merlin, Elite, The White Lotus Y Interview with the vampire 🚨


“In the season 2 finale of Only Murders in the Building, when it was revealed that Poppy was Bunny’s killer.”


“In The White Lotuswhen Tanya found Quentin sleeping with his so-called ‘nephew’ Jack.”


“In the last episode of merlinwhen we found out that Tyler was the Hyde.”


In The Boys, when Butcher and the gang discovered that Soldier Boy had never died and was being held captive by some Russians who were experimenting on him.


“Also in The Boyswhen Homelander discovered that Soldier Boy was his father”.


“In the final minutes of the first season of interview with the vampirewhen Louis’s servant, Rashid, revealed that he is actually the vampire Armand, a well-known character from the books.”


“In Euphoria, when Rue said mean things to her mom while she was having a withdrawal crisis, and it turns out Jules was in the kitchen the whole time and heard EVERYTHING.”


“In The Bearwhen Carmy found money in the tomato cans that her dead brother hid to make sure the restaurant was financially healthy once Carmy took it over.”


“In Derry Girls, when Clare’s father died.


“In stranger thingswhen Vecna ​​was revealed to be Henry and 001″.


“In the first deathwhen Sebastian ate Davina, his mother-in-law, after getting fed up with her.”


In The woman from the house across the street from the girl at the window, when the killer was revealed to be Emma, ​​the neighbor’s nine-year-old daughter.


In the season 6 finale of riverdalewhen all the characters woke up in the 50s after surviving the comet that was heading towards the city.


“In Better Call Saulwhen Lalo suddenly appeared and killed Howard”.


“In Peaky Blinders, when Tommy thought he was dying all season and was about to end his life, but then found out that his doctor was a Nazi sympathizer who had lied to him, and that he wasn’t really dying.”


In Elitewhen the entire 5th season led to finding out whose body was bleeding out in the pool, and at the end, Samu got into a fight with Benjamin, fell, hit her head on the concrete, and rolled into the pool.


In season 6 of Elitewhen it was revealed that Sara was the one who really ran over Iván with the car, not Mencía.


“In the post-credits scene at the end of ms marvelwhen Kamala switches places with Captain Marvel after her Noor-linked bracelet has a strange glow.”

What are your favorite plot twists of 2022 so far? Tell us in the comments.

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18 Series That Had Such Unexpected Twists This Year That They Left Us Wondering What’s Next