5 fictional characters with mental illnesses

  • 28.9% of adults in the United States have reported having anxiety between April 2020 and August 2022, according to Statista.

  • According to the Center for Economic and Budget Research, In Mexico, from 2013 to 2019, women attended, on average, 19.8% more than men to first-time consultations related to mental health and 5.3% more times to subsequent consultations.

  • According to information from Statista, just over 1,400 million Mexican pesos were used for the prevention and treatment of addictions in 2021.

Throughout the history of cinema, as viewers we have noticed some behaviors or situations in which we can see and learn a little more about the fictional characters of some of the movies or series that we are used to seeing on the screen, such as Batman. and the Joker, two eternal rivals who have very different behaviors and mental illnesses, however, they are important factors that help us understand their background.

This time we will tell you about 5 fictional characters with mental illnesses:

Dexter Morgan, Dexter.

Dexter Morgan (portrayed by Michael C. Hall) is the protagonist of the series of the same name “Dexter”. In the series, the protagonist is in charge of doing justice by his own hand, murdering the guilty who can never be judged for different reasons.

Dexter follows the social patterns to integrate into society, but in reality, everything seems superficial and false to him. The famous psychopath can be related to alexithymia, a disorder that can appear on the autism spectrum. One of the most important features of this disorder is the inability to identify, recognize, name or describe one’s emotions or feelings, with special difficulty finding words to describe them, among others such as empathy disorder, according to the document Alexithymia and its clinical and social significance by Francisco Alonso Fernández

Regina George, Mean Girls.

This is what Regina George would look like on #MeanGirlsDay

Regina is the antagonist of the movie Mean Girls, a film where she appears alongside Lindsay Lohan. Actress Rachel McAdams gave life to the character Regina George who is the most popular girl in school and who wants to integrate the newcomer Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) into her group of friends.

Regina can’t stand someone being above her, being prettier or more popular, all the time she is looking for the attention of others and being accepted by her group, as well as being vain and manipulative. All these characteristics are present in the character’s histrionic and narcissistic personality disorders.

Homelander, The Boys.

The Boys: Fans Argue About Homelander's Politics and Madness

Homelander is a character from the superhero series, The Boys, he is played by actor Antony Starr. Homelander is the leader of the team of 7, the most powerful team in the Vough company.

Avenger (in Latin Spanish), is an almost complete copy of Superman, from the DC comics of the Warner Brothers company. One of the main differences between these two characters is the stability of their mental health, while Superman fell to earth and had a family, Homelander was created a laboratory and had no authority figure or family other than the scientists with whom he lived. lived together

Homelander suffers from narcissistic and psychopathic disorder, in addition to bringing with him trust problems along with a lack of empathy with others, anger control problems, bipolarity and the attitudes he has towards women which make him generate a dependency on them due to to his lack of a mother in his childhood.

Dory, Finding Nemo.

A twist of fate sparked the idea of ​​Nemo's Finding Dory - Entertainment

Dory is a surgeon fish played by actress and host Ellen Degeneres. Dory lives in the Ocean and suffers from amnesia, a complication that in the film gets her friends Marlin and Nemo into trouble during the first and second films. In the second film, Finding Dory, the protagonist remembers that she has a family, so she begins a journey across the sea to find her parents, again, her condition will cause problems in the new adventure. her.

Patrick Bateman, American Psychopath.

Christian Bale Was the Perfect Patrick Bateman: How His Tom Cruise-Inspired'American Psycho' Is Still Relevant in the Post-Trump Era

Christian Bale’s character, Patrick Bateman, is a 26-year-old affluent investor, a Harvard Business School graduate who works as a vice president at a Wall Street investment firm. According to the text, The psychotic functioning of Patrick Bateman by Fernando Muñoz, Patrick Bateman meets thirteen of the sixteen criteria for psychopathy proposed by Cleckley in his classic text The Mask of Sanity.

It is about a subject who shows a superficial charm with which he manages to go unnoticed in his workplace and in his social circle, which allows him to attract most of his victims, particularly women, whom he impresses with his economic solvency, his worked physique and his tastes and sophisticated gestures.

It also shows an excessive egocentrism, where others exist to the extent that they allow you to satisfy your desires and fantasies. He exhibits a disturbing absence of anxiety and guilt as he commits the tortures and humiliations he subjects his victims to before killing them.

These are some of the fictional characters from series and movies with mental illness. Do you know any fictional character that has not been missing?

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5 fictional characters with mental illnesses