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For years, many dramas have been delighting viewers and some are showing huge popularity. One of the predominant genres is certainly the romantic comedy, but other genres are equally well done.

If you like dramas with detectives, the following list is for you!

  1. Flower of Evil

The drama shows Baek Hee Sung (Lee Joon Gi) who is a man who hides his identity and past from his wife Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae Won), a detective. On the surface, they seem like the perfect family: a loving couple with a beautiful six-year-old daughter who adores her parents.

Cha Ji Won and her colleagues begin to investigate a series of unexplained murders and come to terms with the reality that her seemingly perfect husband may be hiding something from her.

  1. Through the Darkness

Through the Darkness drama

It’s a story of criminal profilers who struggle to read the minds of serial killers. Song Ha Young (Kim Nam Gil) is a criminal profiler. He is calm and has charisma. He digs up cases and looks deep into the human mind.

The drama is based on the true story of the first criminal profiler and with all the firsts people had trouble with the change but he persevered and helped the criminal branch catch the criminals from the late 90s to the early 2000s. Each episode takes a real-life case from this timeline and breaks down the details behind the capture of the criminals.

  1. Signal

Signal 2

The drama is about criminal profiler Park Hae Young (Lee Je Hoon) who solves a kidnapping case involving a culprit who apparently disappeared after the crime with a mysterious walkie-talkie he recovers.

The success of this case triggers the formation of a cold case team led by Det. With the help of Jae Han, the person on the other end of the walkie-talkie, Hae Young solves other cases that have gone unsolved for years while helping Jae Han solve other cases. Unintended consequences due to changes in the past ensue.

  1. Beyond Evil

Beyond Evil drama

“Beyond Evil” follows the story of two fearless police officers from Manyang Police Station and Munju Police Station (located in the western part of Gyeonggi Province), Lee Dong Sik (Shin Ha Kyun) and Han Joo Won (Yeo Jin Goo), who break the law to catch a serial killer.

During the discovery of the identity of the culprit, they question the innocence of everyone involved in the case, including themselves. “Who is the monster? ” Is it you? ” ” It’s me? ” ” It’s us ?

  1. Alice

alice korean drama

The drama is set in the year 2050, Alice (time agency) specializes in sending clients back in time to see deceased loved ones in order to find peace; they also make the police make incursions into time. Alice’s agents Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Sun) and Yoo Minhyuk (Kwak Si Yang) traveled to Seoul in 1992 to search for the book of prophecy (a book that predicts the fate of certain people and the end of the journey in time) and found it.

However, Lee Se Hoon (Park In Soo), an agent of the mysterious “Teacher” (a group of thugs who want to continue manipulating time), found young Tae Yi and murdered her father for the book. Before his father died, he gave little Tae Yi the last page before his adult counterpart arrived. Tae Yi and Minhyuk acquired the book and had Se-hoon arrested by the local police.

6 korean detective dramas

When Tae Yi realized she was pregnant, Min-hyuk (the father) encouraged Tae Yi to abort the child as time travel would cause serious health issues. Tae Yi then disappeared with the book to carry her child. Tae Yi renames herself Park Sun Young and would single-handedly raise her son, Park Jin Gyeom (Joo Won). Born with Alexithymia, he has trouble recognizing his own emotions and his classmates have called him a psychopath.

He unknowingly has the ability to manipulate time in life or death situations. In 2010, Jin Gyeom found his mother murdered and vowed to find her killer.

  1. Memorist

korean drama memorist

With the power to read people’s memories, Dong Baek (Yoo Seung Ho) solves crimes as a detective in the police. When a series of serial murders occur, Dong Baek teams up with talented criminal profiler Han Sun Mi (Lee Se Young) to stop the killer and prevent further deaths.

However, as they pursue the killer, the truth about their individual troubled past begins to unfold, and the murders quickly become much more complicated than they had anticipated.

Which detective dramas would you recommend?

6 Must-See Detective Dramas