6 warning signs to recognize a sociopath, according to a psychotherapist who trained the FBI and the CIA

The sociopathy It is a mental disorder characterized by a personality disorder that involves antisocial or asocial behavior. According to the Mayo Clinic, who have this antisocial personality disorder they do not show discernment between right and wrong and ignore the rights and feelings of others.

What signs can alert you that you are dealing with a sociopathic person? David J. Lieberman, psychotherapist and author of Mindreader: The New Science of Deciphering What People Really Think, What They Really Want, and Who They Really Areknows this well after his years of experience and research on human behavior.

For a long time, this expert trained US military personnel, the FBI, the CIA, and the NSA. According to his perspective, sociopathic people can wreak real havoc on the lives of othersand can be more difficult to detect than psychopaths.

As explained in this Article for the CNBC, psychopaths tend to be more manipulative and minimize risk in criminal activities, while Sociopaths have more erratic, impulsive, and anger-prone behavior, so they can be more dangerous.

A psychopath is usually colder and more calculating, never letting his emotions control him -he has a very tight range of them-, while a sociopath is carried away by them, without considering the consequences of his actions. In this way, heSociopaths are less patient, less planned, and act more out of compulsion.

Now that you know the differences between both profiles, how to distinguish a sociopath? David J. Lieberman gives you 6 keys.

1. They know right from wrong, but they don’t care

When it comes to drawing a line between good and evil, Lieberman explains that what suits them best is right for sociopaths. In other words, The end justifies the means. If it serves them to achieve their purposes, they justify any kind of action.

This characteristic leads sociopaths to lack remorse: they do not care about the damage they cause to third parties, and by living without fear of disconnection, they do not experience anxiety about their actions either.

2. Their personality is captivating and charming in order to manipulate and get what they want

Some sociopaths lack impulse control and suffer from a variety of addictive and self-destructive behaviors and habits. Neverthelessthe most meticulous and with greater self-control and patience turn out to be the most harmful.

These types of sociopaths are experts at dazzling others: They make a great first impression, being altruistic, warm and empathetic.

Of course, her supposedly captivating personality and charms are a façade, calculatedly designed to manipulate whoever is in front of them.

3. His honesty doesn’t seem genuine

“A sociopath has no real sense of self, so they struggle to maintain the impression they create and project onto the world,” explains Lieberman. They already have a mask, and the lies are another new layer on top of it.

In this way, when they are not telling the truth and are hiding something, they can sound cartoonish, abusing set phrases and repeating themselves like a broken record.

Some of the phrases you can hear from a lying psychopath are those like “I’m 100% innocent” or “I swear I never did such a thing”.

4. They know perfectly well how to get on your nerves and undermine your emotional balance

Sociopaths know what key to push to control relationships with the people around them. First, they gain control of that bond, and then they destroy the emotional stability of the individual.

They are very unpredictable people, both purely tactically and due to personality disorders.

5. They bring out their worst side if they notice that they have lost control over you

When a sociopath finds out that you are not “obedient”, they will go into attack mode.

It is then that his facade falls and his more restrained, polite or civic attitude cracks to give way to his true nature: accusations, shouts, scenes of anger and behaviors motivated by a violent and uncontrollable drive.

6. They display false humility.

Another important detail is the appearance of modesty or vulnerability. Sociopaths can display “great humility” by appearing meek and unassuming. It is one more mask, and sometimes it is detected by excess, since they do not know how to measure these false appearances.

The expert also provides some brief tips for dealing with a sociopath: don’t publicly disagree with them – but slowly and carefully disassociate yourself – seek therapy or support to overcome isolation, prioritize your own emotional well-being and talk to someone about it.

6 warning signs to recognize a sociopath, according to a psychotherapist who trained the FBI and the CIA