8 Catalan films that you cannot miss

It is quite common to find Catalan films in constant premieres today. A good example of the incessant production of Catalan cinema is the Barcelona Independent Film Festival. This event, which will take place from November 19 to December 4, attracts the best modern independent cinema.

Thus, this festival does nothing but remind us that in the history of Catalan arts there are many films that deserve to be viewed. These are films acclaimed by both critics and audiences.

Some of the best Catalan films in history

The Catalan Cinema Academy defines independent cinema as that which is produced outside the major film studios. The history of Catalan cinema is full of films of this kind, without for that reason they should be undeserved.

There is no better proof of this than reviewing the best films of Catalan cinema in history. Several of them can be considered as part of that group. This is demonstrated by simply reviewing the following list that includes eight of the best.

1. The Burnt Skin (1967)

More than half a century ago, Josep Maria Forn directed this classic of Catalan social cinema. Forn’s intention was to portray the life of the Catalan coastal towns and their radical contrasts. In fact, this film shows the precarious homes of the Andalusian immigrant fishermen, but also European tourism. Seen from the present, its value as a historical and artistic document is incalculable.

2. Behind the glass (1978)

Agustí Villaronga is one of the most prominent representatives of Catalan cinema. Although his recognition has been rather late, his first works can be considered a fundamental part of the best independent cinema in Catalonia. Behind the glass is a bloodcurdling horror film that tells the story of a monstrous Nazi doctor, torturer and rapist of children.

3. While you sleep (2011)

As striking as it may seem, there is another horror movie on this list. This time it is a film directed by Jaume Balagueró in which he builds a deep psychological horror narrative. In it, the doorman of a building (Luis Tosar) takes advantage of his ability to control the habits of the tenants to sneak into their houses. This will lead to terrifying situations.

4. The Legend of Time (2006)

Isaki Lacuesta takes as its title a poem by García Lorca that Camarón also chose to name one of his famous albums. The director tells several parallel stories (sometimes intertwined) in which the love between a man from Jerez and a Japanese woman is the protagonist.

5. Bilbao (1978)

Bilbao It is an unmissable piece of Catalan independent cinema. bigas moon he triumphed in Cannes with this film and consecrated him as the author of masterpieces of the seventh art. In this case, he portrays a psychopath who, obsessed with a prostitute, decides to kidnap her. It thus presents a psychological reflection of the mind of a criminal of these characteristics.

6. Of children (2003)

Professional critics do not hesitate to consider Joaquim Jordà an author whose films can be included among the essential catalan movies. In of children It tells part of the history of Barcelona’s Chinatown, its evolution over the years and its resistance to being erased from the map. To do this, it takes a serious case of real pedophilia as its common thread, which places this feature film close to the documentary genre.

7. Shadow Train (1997)

Talking about Catalan cinema without referring to José Luis Guerín is practically impossible, as his work is complex and renowned. shadow train It is one of his first films. In it, he reveals his deep impressionistic sensibility, with games of light and colors in the planes. The strange death of a Parisian lawyer is told, as well as the attempt to resolve such a puzzling situation. This film deserved the Sitges Festival Critics Award for the year of its premiere.

8. Summer 1993 (2017)

summer 1993 became the great revelation of Catalan independent cinema at the time. Carlos Simón, the director, tells the story of a little orphan, Frida, whose parents die of AIDS. This circumstance leads her to live with her uncles and her cousins ​​in the countryside. The film portrays the pain and anger of a girl who has to adapt to a new family.

These are some of the best Catalan films. They exhibit the great cinematographic talents of Catalonia who, thanks to their enormous effort and dedication, have earned both national and international recognition.

8 Catalan films that you cannot miss