8 characteristics of the modern psychopath

The modern psychopath is camouflaged among us. They study and learn how to seduce and use others to get what they want.

8 characteristics of the modern psychopath

Last update: August 01, 2022

Professionals have spent years trying to understand the minds of those people who combine very few moral principles when acting. Thus, at present, the characteristics of the modern psychopath are key points of interest.

This is due to several reasons. Psychopaths have a very low level of empathy, which makes it very difficult to rehabilitate them. In fact, for this milestone to occur, they have to incorporate a series of automatisms that replace that natural motivation that most do have as a record in their emotional world -most of us suffer, as if there were an emotional mirror, when we anticipate that someone can suffer or is suffering, they don’t. They are immune to this contagious suffering that acts as a brake on others when it comes to doing harm.

The figure of the psychopath has long since ceased to be associated with the serial killer. In modern society, where most of the attacks come from close circles and aim at psychological integrity, psychopaths have also known how to adapt. For this reason, in this space we bring you the most typical characteristics of these people, updated. Do not miss it.

Psychopath or sociopath?

The absence of morality together with the lack of empathy are two characteristics present in psychopaths.

It’s easy to find these two terms used interchangeably in everyday language. This is because the effect they produce on others, as well as the damage they cause, is similar in both cases.

In fact, psycho and sociopath have a number of characteristics in common, such as a lack of empathy and remorse, as well as the contempt for the laws and the exploitation of their fellow men for their own purposes. Both have a deceitful and manipulative nature.

Nevertheless, Sociopaths are known to tend to have a less emotionally stable temperament. They are more erratic than psychopaths, less patient, and do not plan their actions as carefully as they do.

Even so, both disorders seem to show a common line of behavior and many experts question whether it would not be better to place them on a continuum instead of in different positions.

This is the modern psychopath

That said, it may seem like it’s easy to identify a psychopath. Unscrupulous, exploitative, parasitic people. However, is it so? Surely, if you talk to anyone who has been a victim of one of these people, they will tell you that it took them a while to realize it.

What is this about? Above all, due to the great adaptability of this profile. These are people who study and learn in detail how to seduce and use others and, above all, how to get out unscathed from the consequences.

In addition, in the times we live in and, at least, in Western society, styles of life, relationships and work that favor psychopathic behavior are promoted. That is why it is important that you know the characteristics of the modern psychopath that you have below.

1. Lack of empathy

This is the most striking and well-known feature of this alteration. In fact, neuropsychological studies confirm it: psychopaths have fewer cells in their prefrontal cortexa region where higher functions are housed, such as the ability to understand other people’s emotions, the issuance of judgments or the ability to develop principles of conduct.

Therefore, the affective and social behaviors derived from these processes are absent in psychopaths. The result is a lack of humanity and constant transgressions on the welfare of others.

2. Limited range of emotions

Another of the characteristics of the modern psychopath is his cold and insensitive temperament. They have a limited range of emotions and are not able to express them convincingly, as they lack the neurological element of connection to others.

Psychopaths are often described as cold-hearted.

3. Absence of morality

Most people have a basic sense of right and wrong, however much it may differ from individual to individual. However, psychopaths lack it.

For them, the law of the strongest is the one that prevails, since it is usually the most effective and direct when it comes to achieving objectives. His lack of empathy interacts with that, making the psychopath more prone to committing abuse and criminal acts.

Psychopaths view human standards and considerations as weaknesses.

4. Lies and manipulation

Since they have no scruples when it comes to seeking power and control over others, lying and manipulation are well-known characteristics of the modern psychopath. They deny solid evidence with contempt and automatically, always seeking to distort reality for the sake of their interests.

Some of the most used techniques, in addition to lies, false promises, gas light or blame the victim.

5. Narcissism

Most psychopaths have narcissistic traits such as the idea of ​​superiority, presumption, or feeling entitled to take actions that harm others. In other words, they follow the philosophy of “those who suffer is because they want to, so they deserve it.”

6. Psychological harassment

The modern psychopath carries out control strategies and psychological manipulation to get what he wants from others.

Once the figure of the psychopath was separated from that of the ruthless murderer, he realized that Most of the abuses carried out by these people are psychological and emotional. Thus, they are experts in controlling others through the degradation of their identities.

It is significant how instead of highlighting their victim’s flaws, they go to great lengths to attack all of their strengths. In this way, the victims are nullified and end up doubting their own identity and purpose.

7. Lack of repentance and selfish victimization

In the end, building a life of lies and manipulation leads to moments where psychopaths get caught. In those moments, the most used strategies are to escalate the conflict or to play the victim.

The most common is that they invent a story that places them as true victims of the conflict. The violent partner will say that they are constantly being provoked, the harassing boss will argue that they are the target of a smear campaign. They are never guilty, and when they admit to having committed immoral acts, it is only to justify them by attacking another.

8. Shallow Charm

Perhaps the most distinctive trait of psychopaths is their charm. They are apparently sociable people, who are liked by everyone. Nevertheless, it is easy to unmask them when you establish a somewhat deeper relationship with them.

in a relationship of partnerFor example, at some point inconsistencies begin to be noticed. What seemed perfect before suddenly changes suddenly, and when it is brought up the gaslight appears. This widespread seduction has the objective of laying the foundations for future manipulation and parasitism.

Sexual promiscuity, a parasitic lifestyle or a predisposition to boredom are other characteristics of the modern psychopath. There is no cure or therapy capable of curing this disorder, so treatment (when possible) is limited to trying to make psychopaths socially functional.

Nevertheless, most of them manage to reach positions of power in different areas, so it is rare to find any of them in therapy. Unfortunately, the best recommendation for you if you spot someone in your life is to try to associate with him as little as possible.

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8 characteristics of the modern psychopath