900 thousand state posts in the South, the new useless promise in the three unfinished Italy

by Sergio Bianchini – Conte’s promise, blessed by Emiliano, to make 900,000 state hirings in the south did not generate adequate responses.

Yet it is a thousand times more indicative of citizenship income than the distorted use of the state post in force for decades which has now led to the total decay and inefficiency of the state apparatus.

All in all, citizenship income is not organically harmful to the country system, perhaps it should be corrected but it is not the sore point of the system.

The sore point of one-and-three Italy is the absolute inefficiency of the state apparatus, except for the carabinieri and the police, starting with the school which absorbs a third of public employees and the judiciary which acts as an extension of political power and not as a dispenser of reassuring justice for honest people and threatening justice for dishonest people.

The inefficiency is blamed on an abstract and mysterious entity, the bureaucracy, which puts everyone in agreement, like fate, without giving any indications about its demolition, which appears impossible.

Yet the bureaucracy is only the daughter of the inefficiency and ineptitude of the state and the government.

If the times of the judiciary are too long, it is possible to increase resources, decrease the size of the districts. If the prisons are small, they can be enlarged.

If the time required for granting authorizations is long, the number of inspectors can be increased.

All things clear and simple except for the issue of costs. But the spending of the state was inflated by a pension system that had no prudence and granted what it could not afford.

Also, and this is the major sore point, the entire body of the state has been used to provide job opportunities to the South by absorbing millions of unemployed into it as employees regardless of the needs of good administration.

This apparently benevolent and egalitarian logic is actually cowardly for the leaders and illusory for the south whose backwardness continues to grow.

In the years of accelerated post-war development, from ’45 to ’65 two Italys allied and collaborated in the reconstruction: the north and the south. the third Italy, the central one governed by the PCI, followed. The people of the south moved by the millions and went up north to work.

Since the 1980s, things have radically changed. The PCI and central Italy allied themselves in the south against the prevalence of the industrial and financial north.

And they won, gaining all the power within the state apparatus, from TV to schools, to the judiciary, to public bodies. Wherever there was a state post, centrosudism hungry for state salaries spread regardless of efficiency and public debt. Regardless also of the state of non-public workers and companies. Why on earth, for example, the working hours of state is 36 hours per week (apart from teachers who are a specific scandal) while for non-state is 40 hours?

The Italian Catholic Church accepted the process, not without doubts since even within it the loss of the Nordic prevalence that had existed until then could not be painless.

Nordic prevalence first evident if we consider the popes expressed up to W.ojtyla. Another story, that of the sanctification of the monk of Montalcino for decades depreciated by the Nordic church and by the founder of the Catholic University Gemelli, perfectly clarifies the overall turnaround of the internal hegemony of one and three Italy.

I quote Wikipedia: “In the first letter to the Holy Office, Gemelli said that Padre Pio was a man of commendable life, but he did not seem like a mystic. Gemelli therefore suggested some investigations with an innovative working method for the time, namely with the composition of a team of experts in theology, medicine And psychology. In 1926, after being joined by some devotees of Padre Pio, Gemelli wrote a new letter to the Holy Office. This time he stated that for him Padre Pio was “an ignorant psychopath who indulged in self-mutilation and artificially procured stigmata in order to exploit people’s credulity. From archival investigations, however, it is clear that Gemelli was not the proponent of the Vatican provisions on the Capuchin. The Holy Office preferred never to indulge the scientist in matters of investigations on extraordinary phenomena in which he was interested “.

That phase of the central-south political alliance against the north has come to an end.

I believe that an alliance between north and center is essential to rebuild the state and justice and a sound social, political and even individual morality, based on reality and not on dreams or dead-end controversies. Certainly the central-north alliance is the transitory means, but the aim is a balanced, honest and collaborative relationship between the three Italies, with a wise and non-partisan central direction, something that has not happened for decades in the midst of turbulence, recriminations, mistrust. .

If the north does not understand and accept this path, I believe that we will see infinite stagnation and perhaps gigantic unrest and turbulence whose path it is difficult to imagine.

900 thousand state posts in the South, the new useless promise in the three unfinished Italy – La Nuova Padania