A femicide fixed address in a town in Corrientes and generated a wide repudiation

The renowned femicide Fabián Tablado, who in 1996 killed his 17-year-old partner Carolina Aló with 113 stab wounds, established residence in the town of Virasoro in the province of Corrientes, different official sources informed ellitoral.com.ar on Monday.

As this medium could find out, the movement in warning and repudiation for the permanence of this murderer was initiated by Leonidas Mateu father of Mara Mateu (murdered in Santa Teresita in 2008) and her partner Edgardo Alo, Carolina’s father, who tirelessly seek justice for their daughters.

Both, along with other parents of victims of femicide, formed these warning mobilizations several years ago, mentioning that “Nobody would like to have a femicidal and violent neighbor who has a history of repeating his history”according to words provided by Mateu in dialogue with El Litoral.

Leónidas confirmed the presence of the femicide in the city of Corrientes “He spent 5 days in a hotel in Virasoro and then rented a house on Avenida del Libertador San Martin between Gobernador Ferré and Avenida Lavalle.”

In addition, a document accessed by El Litoral also confirms the address of the femicide in Corrientes.

Tablado was released in 2020, after serving a 24-year sentence for the femicide of Aló that occurred in a house in the Buenos Aires town of Tigre.

Subsequently was denounced again for gender violence at the beginning of August, after he had a strong argument with his current partner in the house in the Cordovan town of Bell Ville that they shared.

The femicide tried to settle in San Clemente del Tuyú, but there the Deliberative Council declared him persona non grata after large mobilizations by neighbors and Leónidas Mateu and Carolina’s father.

During the interview offered, Mateu stressed that it is extremely important that the community be alert to the arrival of this person, since taking into account his background, he assured “A psychopath of these never loses his tricks.”

For his part, Edgardo Aló also spoke with the littoral.com.ar and mentioned her participation from the Carolina Aló Foundation 26 years ago, where they not only help victims of gender violence and femicide but also “as an entity we relate to other NGOs to carry out what the justice system did not do”.

I highlight his work in search of obtaining a little justice and fighting for the life of his daughter that was taken from him in such an unfair way, in this regard he mentioned: “This sadistic and perverse psychopath will be repudiated with social justice wherever he is.”

It is worth mentioning that the foundation managed to have him declared persona non grata in the towns of Tigre, San Clemente, Predio de la costa Cañada de Gómez and now it is seeking to do so in Virasoro in Corrientes.

Rejection in Virasoro

Different groups and neighbors have been demonstrating in recent days against the arrival of Tablado to the town of Virasoro, Corrientes.

One of the groups that came out to demonstrate against it in the last few hours was Mumala Corrientes, which defines itself as “the result of a collective, federal, feminist and dissident construction in the country.”

They expressed through the following statement their position against the permanence of the femicide:

A femicide fixed address in a town in Corrientes and generated a wide repudiation