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The street in front of the Educational Unit “Dr. Rafael Guerra Méndez” is peaceful on the morning of Wednesday, August 31. Few inhabitants of the Los Taladros sector, south of Valencia, are still disconcerted to comment on the atrocious murder of community doctor Nardy Mora Rumbo, 45, just a week ago.

The macabre scene occurred behind the royal blue wall of the educational center, located on Calle Infante, intersection with Farriar. Everyone seems to have recovered their daily routine, although the topic of conversation in the community continues to be that of femicide.

And it is that the affable appearance of the murderer never raised even the slightest suspicion, not even a hint of distrust among those who frequently saw him open the door of the place in the afternoons, pull up a chair and watch people walk back to their homes. . That he opened the door and greeted with kindness and that he seemed like a cordial, serene man, several residents and workers in the area where there are small factories and businesses pointed out.

But the truth is that few made friends with Yonnatan Yoel Figueroa Goitía, with the murderer, with the monster, as Nardy’s mother described him and many more who knew the doctor.

He was wearing blue jean pants, sneakers or rubber boots. Sometimes he wore red flannels. What did catch the attention of some residents of the place was the fact that they never saw him, in the six months that he was there approximately, returning with bags from the market, with food. No one knew how that guardian who came to guard the crops and the pigs, which they are supposed to distribute to the Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP) in the area, fed himself.

“Imagine that I go out to work early every morning and my children and my wife are left alone at home. How not to feel fear after such an event?” Said Luis, a neighbor who preferred not to give his last name as a precaution.

The security cameras of the companies surrounding the educational institute were the ones that allowed the police agencies to show that on that afternoon of August 24 the victim entered and never left the premises that have a profusion of mango trees, a field, weeds and nine pigs in the fattening process. In the other corner is the educational building that looks dilapidated.

“From there, from the cameras of that old loom site, the evidence was recorded that the doctor did not come out… And how was she going to do it if that monster killed her, dismembered her and gave the pigs a report,” he narrated an old man who knows the area very well because he has lived there for many years.

The remains of the community doctor were found on August 26.

Double life

In many countries there are groups of psychiatric professionals, psychologists, detectives and investigators who delimit or define some of the profiles of criminals. With them, police agencies can advance their investigations, since there are predictable or fairly imaginable behaviors.

In this sense, Mario León Mármol García, lawyer, criminologist and penalist, said that in general these types of criminals are people who lead a double life, with which they manage to deceive many.

“When one analyzes serial killers, they always have a double life, they have something like a cover. They may be good husbands, good neighbors, or good workers, but they lead parallel lives. If they ask those who share with them, they say they are normal because that is the hook, but they hide the other side of the coin, which is the abusive one,” explained Mármol García, who is also a special risk advisor and executive protection consultant.

In his opinion, these types of subjects keep within themselves a history marked by violence from close beings, such as the mother, father or adults who were in charge of them.

“They were probably sexually abused or received physical and psychological abuse, and they may even have experienced abandonment, which affects children a lot, it can make them hate that female or maternal figure and they reflect it when they attack a woman. That happens in his parallel life”, added Mármol García.

He also said that unfortunately the profile is given on many occasions by the facts, when they observe how the criminal acted.

“You can have traits of narcissism and there is perversion. Narcissism is that he has to dominate, his word goes ahead, he thinks he is perfect. They can also be conservative, perfectionist, socially accepted, that in a general way, but that kind of individuals border on sociopathy, they look intelligent, but what they do is that they focus on a victim until they achieve the goal. He almost certainly spent time thinking about her, promoting an approach until the objective was consummated, the variables of mode, time and place, which criminalistics handles”, added the lawyer Mármol García.

According to psychologist Sergio Villani, what has been aired in the media and social networks makes him think that Figueroa is a psychopath, but he clarifies that it is not possible to make a diagnosis without a thorough evaluation of the patient.

Villani explains a difference between sociopathy and psychopathy. In the first, the traits are influenced by the social conditions in which the individual lives, his context forms him and he warns that if he had received a stimulation towards values, he would be a conventional person: “Previously, this was called personality disorder. antisocial or sociopathic personality.

Psychopathy, with which one is born, implies traits such as cruelty without remorse, they are narcissistic individuals in the sense that they do not care about others, the others are things that serve to obtain what they want: «Very likely that man responds to this situation. The psychopath never repents.

a lottery

Neighbors of the place where the murder of Nardy Mora Rumbo occurred, narrated that, since the discovery of the dismembered body, many wonder if that horrific death could have been avoided.

“It was probably a lottery, because perhaps that macabre mind of the security guard had been thinking about who to tease for some time and it was the doctor’s turn, but it could have been another from this same community,” said Carmen Torres from the Los Taladros area.

For days, the remains of the victim were searched for in the river in the area (Photo: Courtesy of Jacinto Oliveros)

“These sexual abusers, once they choose their victim, try to create a scene of violence, if they don’t, their claims are not so satisfied (…) They may even produce homicide first. There are studies that show that they seek physical abuse, then homicide and then sexual satisfaction, necrophilia, sexual intercourse with the dead person,” Mármol García told The Stimulus.

Videos of Figueroa dancing with those who are supposed to be employees of the educational unit at the end of the school year have circulated on social networks. Her movements and her steps considered highly sexual have given much to talk about among the residents of the sector where the femicide occurred.

No more

Sinahí Brito, lawyer and legal consultant for the “Voces de Gender Venezuela” Civil Association, stressed that no woman deserves to die the way Nardy Mora did.

“This has been a heinous crime, which the entire community must raise awareness of (…) From ‘Voces de Gender Venezuela’ we work in the area of ​​violence against women and we always tell women that when they sense, when that intuition appears, warn others about it.”

Brito also stressed that almost always the person who commits this type of crime has some ascendancy over the woman, because of her condition, because of the hatred she feels towards her.

The lawyer is convinced that the investigators of the Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations Corps (Cicpc) will reach the truth about Mora’s death.

The Utopix organization keeps track of the cases in the country and between January and June, 111 femicides have occurred in Venezuela.

“We continue to warn and see with concern that there is no concrete proposal from the State to deal with this problem, which only shows the great shortcoming that exists around public policies related to the prevention, care and mitigation of gender-based violence against women. woman”, maintains Utopix on its web portal.

In the month of June, the organization reported 14 femicides and detailed that the states with the highest number of these cases were Miranda, Carabobo, Lara, Falcón and Portuguesa with two cases each, followed by Bolívar, Zulia, Anzoátegui and Aragua with one femicide. respectively.

“The important thing here is to call attention to women, to the Venezuelan State because we are co-responsible for the control and prevention of the crime of violence against women. You always have to report the alleged aggressor for harassment, for harassment, because that’s how it starts. You have to go to the receiving bodies and report it. In addition, you should always let others know where you are,” added Sinahí Brito.

What did I pay

As reported by the prosecutor, Tarek William Saab, Figueroa Goitía, 45, was deprived of liberty by decision of the Carabobo Prosecutor’s Office 31, for the crime of aggravated femicide committed against the doctor Nardy Mora in Valencia.

The subject had a history of sexual violence against a minor, for which he was detained, but thanks to the granting of procedural benefits he was free, which in the opinion of Tarek William Saab is “improper and unacceptable” considering his record. Now they keep him behind bars in the Carabobo State Delegation of the Cicpc in Plaza de Toros, in Valencia, police sources assured.


Saab wrote on his Twitter account: “The aberrated Yonnatan Figueroa had a criminal record for crimes of rape: in this sense, I consider it improper and unacceptable that scum like this have been the object of some procedural benefit.”

In the opinion of Mármol García, it is important to highlight that, even if the subject is diagnosed with some type of psychiatric pathology, if he has discernment and knows that he has caused damage, he becomes imputable before the law: “He has responsibility before the law, before the State and society, must answer for their actions”.

Additionally, it suggests that when a person has a record of sexual crimes, as is the case of Figueroa, it would be advisable to keep it in a file, as is the case in other countries: “A national registry of sexual abusers should be created in the country and thus make them a follow-up (…) This control would also allow them to receive help and psychiatric or psychological treatment, as appropriate, and would also protect possible victims, “recommended the specialist.

A normal guy? Nobody suspected the murderer of Nardy Mora | The Stimulus