A sick president is a danger to the state!

Finally the President Mexican recognized it. I agree publicly what we have documented here on at least a dozen occasions

Yeah finally said that he is sick and that take medications for the ailments that shows.

But in addition, with the irresponsibility that has characterized him in the almost four years of management, he also said that his ailments and that they do not prevent him from carrying out his activities, as Head of State and Government.

However, the health of the presidentthe diagnosis about his physical and mental stabilityl must be verified by specialists outside the first presidential circle.


Because only a panel of experts can determine whether, despite his illnesses, the president should continue to lead his constitutional responsibility or not.

On the contrary, Lopez Obrador Not only puts your personal health at risk but it becomes a state danger; a risk for the country stability and for the future of 130 million Mexicans.

Therefore, in front of danger latent of a sick in Palacio, it is up to a panel of experts to recommend the treatment to be followed; from continuing as before, to recommending that he leave office.

Interestingly, in June 2014 the very Lopez Obrador proposed the resignation of Enrique Pena Nietoas a result of a possible illness.

And today when the sick of palace is named Lopez Obradornot only hide the ailmentsbut the drugs and its effects.

Therefore, in front of public evidence that him Mexican president suffers different diseases –whose effects are already visible to all–, we must insist on elementary questions.

doWhat is President López Obrador sick of??

Are they one, two or more diseases the ones that affect you?

Which is the Name of those diseases?

How influential are those? ailments in the emotional, motor and mental performance of a man whose responsibilities and decisions affect an entire nation?

What medicines have been administered?

Is about drugs that alter your physical, emotional, mental or behavioral stability?

Who guarantees that those drugs are they the right ones?

Because sometimes AMLO appear swollenwith the puffy face and with him arm and the hand of immobile left side?

Do you use any medical device attached to the body that prevents the natural displacement or makes it difficult for you to sit normally?

Who is he medical header of the President?

Are they reliable? doctors and the diagnostics who have done such specialists?

Why don’t you rate a Expert Panel independent the president’s health?

Is it possible to conclude that the presidential mythomania –90,000 lies in 46 months of government– are the product of the presumed mental illnesses that afflict the President Lopez Obrador?

Is it possible that the medicines that have been ordered to the head of the Mexican government stimulate that mythomania?

Is it possible that the drugs that they apply to the head of the Mexican state take him to an alternate reality, like the one he proclaims daily?

Is it possible that the extreme irritability he shows at times is caused by the drugs that consume AMLO?

Why in the Palace do they hide the names of the diseases that affect the President Mexican; Why do they insist on hiding the name of the medicines what supply and the frequency thereof?

Questions can go on forever. The truth, however, is that in any functional democracy it is a citizen’s right to know the Healththe illness and the drugs that consume The pfirst president.

And it is that according to the Constitution, the power emanates from the people and the citizens are –we are–, the “constituents”; those who by means of the vote lead to the position of “chief agent”, at the President.

And as “principals”, the citizens are the heads of the president and the holders of power; therefore they must know the state of health of the “president”; know how many and what are his illnesses and, especially, to what extent illness and the treatment affect your decisions.

Otherwise, we are witnessing an imminent and potentially catastrophic state risk. And if you doubt it, history is full of tyrants who reached unthinkable excesses because of their hidden diseases.

From the epileptic Julius Caesar, through the paranoid Stalin, the bipolar Mussolini and Churchill; to the addictions to cocaine and alcohol of Hitler –victim of Hybris disease–, without forgetting the loquacious Donald Trump –who responded to accusations of insanity: “I am a very stable genius”–; and the psychopathic Putin –who hides serious mental illnesses–, and also the American psychopaths Roosevelt, Johnson, Jackson.

Yes, the health of the mexican president it’s a custate issue, but in Mexico the “principals” are the Mexicans and we must know the Health of “chief executive”, to be sure of the correct conduct of the country.

Who will dare to demand the creation of an independent panel of experts to find out if Lopez Obrador is he in his right mind to run a country of 130 million people?

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A sick president is a danger to the state!