A woman who resisted being abused in her own home was savagely attacked and robbed

The victim is 45 years old and lives in the San Martín neighborhood of the city of Maldonado. She was attacked at dawn on Saturday, December 3, and with multiple injuries, mainly to her face, she was able to ask a brother for help just a few hours later.

The shocking case occurred in the early hours of last Saturday on a farm in the San Martín de Maldonado neighborhood, when the victim, a 45-year-old woman, was resting since at 6:30 in the morning she got up to go to work like every day in a building in Punta del Este.

At around 2:30 a.m., he woke up because he had heard noises, but he did not find anything strange in his house, and also, as a brother who lives in another house on the same property, he went out because he heard some dogs barking towards a field area, he went back to bed without imagining what would happen.

Later it would be confirmed that the lone offender entered through the kitchen window and went directly to the bedroom where the victim was sleeping, who woke up when she felt that someone was taking off her underwear with the clear objective of sexually subduing her.

The woman reacted defensively, which unleashed the wrath of the savage attacker who broke a beer bottle on her head, in addition to causing another series of injuries with its beak, such as a wound to the abdomen, and through punches with a thermos. and hitting it against the walls of the house.

The victim offered a tenacious resistance, until the criminal decided to leave the house, taking $3,800 and an iPhone. Wounded and almost unconscious, it was only around 6:00 a.m. that she had the strength to leave her house naked, battered, and ask her brother for help, who hardly recognized her.

While she was transferred to a Maldonado sanatorium where she was assisted, among other things due to three deep cuts on her face, the wound caused by the spout of the bottle in her stomach and a broken nose and one of her cheekbones, she Two simultaneous complaints were filed.

One in the 6th police section of the Maldonado Nuevo neighborhood for reasons of jurisdiction, and another before the Specialized Police Station for Domestic and Gender Violence of Maldonado. Scientific Police then worked in the house where there was a big mess, broken items and blood everywhere.

According to the information obtained by MaldonadoNews, five days after the event, the victim had not been seen by a forensic doctor, for which reason the case would be labeled as personal injuries for the moment, although in reality more serious crimes could be configured.

According to the progress made in the investigation, the cover could change to serious personal injury, attempted sexual abuse, robbery and even attempted femicide. Neighbors and relatives of the woman fear that in the area “a psychopath could walk around” trying something similar.

At the moment, the Police have not reported any arrests linked to this case, which does not record many records in this department, at least in recent times due to the high degree of ferocity shown by the attacker whom the victim was unable to identify.

A woman who resisted being abused in her own home was savagely attacked and robbed