Abascal, together with María San Gil: “A leader must have principles”

Santiago Abascal has been the protagonist of a conference on political leadership given at the CEU San Pablo Universityin which he shared the stage with the former leader of the Basque PP, Maria San Gil. During her intervention, she sent several messages to Pedro Sanchez Y Alberto Nunez Feijoo in full attempt of both to revive bipartisanship.

A leader must have principles“, he has defended in allusion to the Prime Minister, reproaching him for his desire for power and his desire to remain in office as a “psychopath” or a “tyrant“. “A leader without convictions who is willing to do anything to stay in power is a tyrant,” he finished, after clarifying that in no case does he consider Sánchez to be a political leader.

The non-existent relationship with Feijóo

In reference to Feijóo, Abascal has admitted that “you don’t know him personally” and that “he feels distanced from his policies and his statements”, although he has kept his “hand outstretched” since the “firmness” to form an “alternative” to the Government of Sánchez and not a simple “relay” by which the faces are changed but the same policies are maintained.

There is still no date for a possible meeting between the two despite the fact that, as the PP leader recently said, he hoped to be able to meet with Abascal this very month of September. Although they have spoken by phone, that appointment to which the Vox leader has referred to later answer the question of whether a government between the two will be possible, warning that any future pact with the PNV is exclusive for that coalition .

A meeting that does not come

“I’m convinced that we can talk normallyI don’t know if we will get along but the important thing is to know what to do with Spain”, he stated in front of hundreds of students who have packed the room where the talk-colloquium took place. Before them he thanked at least the change of tone that he perceives in Feijóo compared to that of Pablo Casado, although he has avoided naming him.

In statements to the media at the gates of the center, Abascal has once again referred to Feijóo’s proposal on a “friendly bilingualism“, reproaching him for not having developed it yet. “I would like to understand his position, until now it is only a motto”, he criticized, accusing him of “being uncomfortable” for talking about this matter because of “the language policy that he has applied in Galicia” .

The defense of Spanish

Statements that come just a few days after a demonstration in Barcelona in defense of the Spanish, which Feijóo did not attend, but Santiago Abascal and Inés Arrimadas did. Precisely this afternoon, Congress debates a Vox proposal to apply 155 in Catalonia and defend linguistic freedom in this community and the rest of Spain.

María San Gil has praised Abascal for his “exemplariness“, his “civic commitment” and his courage in setting up a party like Vox, which he has defined as necessary to configure an “alternative” together with the PP and that debates that the popular have considered closed, such as that of the abortion.”I hope that the PP does not have an absolute majority and needs the seats of Vox“, Said the former leader of the PP during the conference.

Abascal, together with María San Gil: “A leader must have principles”