Abascal urges Catholics to be intolerant and not have so many “swallows” with their principles

The former Vox candidate for the Andalusian Government, Macarena Olona, ​​needed support from the riot police to access the University of Granada last week and give a conference that dozens of intolerants tried to burst. The president of his former party, Santiago Abascal, had a red carpet symbolically laid out this Tuesday upon his arrival at the Faculty of Economics of the CEU San Pablo University in Madrid, where he gave a talk on Leadership and Political Commitment with Spain. Hundreds of students have packed the Aula Magna of this private center owned by the Catholic Association of Propagandists (ACP), they have applauded him, they have taken selfies with him and they have even complimented him. “What a monkey!”, A young woman exclaimed at the beginning of her intervention. The most devoted to the speaker has been his presenter, María San Gil, whom Abascal has referred to as “boss”, since she was president of the Basque PP at the time he held a seat in the Parliament of Vitoria. She has reciprocated by showering him with praise and urging her students to follow him as their leader.

Although Abascal has complained of having been demonized by the media and politicians in other parties, he has used unusual epithets in an academic forum: he has branded the President of the Government a “psychopath” and “tyrant”, without anyone noticing. will recriminate him.

At a time when the polls place Vox down in the face of the rise of the PP, Abascal has taken advantage of the fact that he was in a confessional university center to appeal to the most fundamentalist vote. “I am concerned about the Catholics’ swallowing,” he has said, “their ability to endure to make a pragmatic vote and not vote principles.” Although he has not mentioned the PP, he was alluding to the Catholics who continue to vote for this party even though it did not abolish the right to abortion when it had an absolute majority. Previously, he had reaffirmed his defense of the “right to life, from conception to natural extinction”; that is, without the possibility of abortion in any case (not even rape) or euthanasia.

The leader of Vox has expressed his confidence in having a “normal” relationship with Alberto Núñez Feijóo. And he has regretted that it was not possible with his predecessor, Pablo Casado. Abascal has acknowledged that he has not yet had any conversation with the new president of the PP, beyond a greeting, and has assured that when the meeting with him announced for this month takes place, he will ask him “what are his intentions” towards Spain, in addition to explain yours. “I stand with my hand outstretched [a Feijóo] from firmness. I know that we all really want Pedro Sánchez to go to hell [sic], but there has to be an alternative and not a simple replacement. An authentic cultural revolution”, she added.

Abascal has warned Feijóo that any agreement with the PNV is incompatible with a pact with Vox and, in front of those who congratulate themselves on the defeat of the terrorist group, has assured that “ETA does not kill because it does not need to. If he had to, he would kill again.”

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Given the division that the war in Ukraine has generated between Vox’s European allies (Poland aligned with kyiv and Hungary as Putin’s lawyer in the EU), Abascal has been confident that it is a temporary confrontation between two governments that share the ultra-nationalist and fundamentalist values ​​of his party, but he has avoided commenting on the Russian invasion, alleging that it is a “complicated” matter of international politics.

Olona’s “prompt recovery”

Before the talk, Abascal has appeared before the journalists, who have asked him again about Macarena Olona, ​​who has summoned him to define himself on whether he wants both to continue “walking together”. Resigned to being repeatedly raised on an issue that he would like to turn the page on as soon as possible, he has launched a veiled taunt at his former seat partner, stressing that she told him “only a month and a half ago that he could not fulfill his commitment to the Andalusians for reasons of Health”. After congratulating himself on his “prompt recovery”, he has passed the ball to him asking him “if he has decided to return to politics and join Vox again. Or if, on the contrary, he is going to keep what he said”; that is to say, that he abandoned politics. On July 29, Olona resigned from the seat he obtained in the Andalusian Parliament in the June 19 elections, alleging “medical reasons” and announced that he was returning to the State Bar, from which he has now requested leave until June 31. December of this year.

For his part, the spokesman for Vox in Congress, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, has avoided commenting on the future of his ex number two in the parliamentary group. “I have great affection for Macarena Olona, ​​but I am not going to feed this soap opera,” she replied. “In Spain we have a tendency for the pink press to influence everything we do, but I don’t want to contribute”, he has settled.

Olona has insisted, through social networks, that she is ready to take on the task that is asked of her. “I have faced injustice many times in my life. I haven’t always won. But I have never betrayed my principles. I will go home the day the Spaniards so decide. Until then, I’ll put up with whatever there is to put up with. We are what we overcome, ”she says in a tweet, after reproducing an article by the writer Juan Manuel de Prada that criticizes her. On Friday she plans to give a conference in Murcia and it is assumed that she will then ask Abascal for an appointment.

Abascal urges Catholics to be intolerant and not have so many “swallows” with their principles