According to these studies, you have a 4.5% chance of being a psychopath.

According to the results of fifteen studies, 4.5% of adults are psychopaths. Here’s how to recognize them and know if you have psychopathy tendencies.

It is possible that you have already met a psychopath in the supermarket or on the street. But according to a study, you might also have tendencies towards psychopathy yourself.

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A survey, based on fifteen studies, was published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology on this subject. To carry out this study, 16 samples of participants were analyzed, which corresponds to 11,500 adults. Among the participants, there are 43% university students and 37% working adults. Respondents came from North America, the UK, Australia and continental Europe.

4.5% psychopaths

According to this experiment, 4.5% of adults would be psychopaths. But beware: the authors of the study insist that psychopathy is not necessarily linked to criminality. According to researchers, psychopathy is “a type of personality disorder distinguished, among other important characteristics, by the presence of behaviors that conflict with the social, moral or legal norms of society, giving rise in many cases to clearly criminal behavior. »

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To carry out this study, the researchers invited the participants to self-evaluate their degree of psychopathy using several scales developed by Robert Hare, psychologist canadian. In total, 4.5% of psychopaths were detected. This disorder varies according to the sex of the participants, the type of population and the method used to define psychopathy.

The results would be more worrying in male subjects because of 13 samples retained, the trouble was diagnosed in 7.9% of men versus 2.9% of women. This disorder would also be higher in North American subjects than in Europeans.

Are you a psychopath?

How do you know if you have psychopathy tendencies? If you also want to assess yourself, know that there are several personality traits found in psychopaths.

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We notice for example a lack of emotions, an absence of remorse or shame and a great intelligence. Psychopathic people have a “normal” appearance, in the sense that they do not suffer from delusions or irrational thoughts. They also have great self-confidence, fearlessness and great intelligence. For these reasons, they often climb the ladder of a company more easily, thanks to their charisma and their confidence.

So, do you recognize yourself in these lines?

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According to these studies, you have a 4.5% chance of being a psychopath.