Addict on TF1: what is this drama series worth with Cécile Bois and Sagamore Stévenin as a psychopath?

Thursday October 27, 2022, TF1 launches at 9:10 p.m. the broadcast of “Addict”, its new drama series. Cécile Bois plays here Elodie, a wife and mother who has a passionate affair with Bruno (Sagamore Stévenin), a narcissistic pervert…

What is it about ?

“Elodie and Yvan are settling for the first time in a house with a garden, in a new neighborhood. It’s an important step, supposed to give new life to their couple and a better balance to their teenagers: Achille , a gifted boy and Chloé, a more fragile girl.

Fortunately there is Bruno, the nice and considerate neighbor with each member of the family. A real pleasant surprise. But little by little Bruno reveals his dark side. Does his growing intimacy with Elodie and Chloé hide a desire to control this family, even destroy it?

The day when Elodie begins a passionate relationship with Bruno, she does not know that she has put her finger in an infernal gear, from which no one will come out unscathed…”

Who is it with?

Addict is a series created by Gilles Daniel and is divided into six 52-minute episodes. Didier Le Pêcheur signs the production and also officiates as screenwriter. Delphine Labouret participates in the writing alongside him.

Elodie is played by Cécile Bois, the iconic face of France 2’s hit crime drama Candice Renoir. In 2021, we also saw her in Gloria on TF1. Medi Sadoun (What have we done to God?) embodies Yvan, our heroine’s husband, and Sagamore Stévenin (Luther, Falco) lends his features to Bruno, the couple’s disturbing neighbor…

The children of Elodie and Yvan are interpreted by Lucie Vagenheim, spotted a few years ago in the tele-hook The Voice, and by Louis Duneton (La Faute à Rousseau, Nina). Aurore Clément (Constance in the Underworld) slips into the skin of Françoise, Elodie’s mother.

In the other supporting roles, viewers will find Lorànt Deutsch (The Promise, The Visitors – The Revolution), Cécile Rebboah (Marianne, Sam, The Red Bracelets) and Mylène Jampanoï (Gainsbourg (Heroic Life), Investigation into a State Scandal ).

Well worth a look ?

Addict opens under tension: Elodie, this mother and wife well in all respects, is embarked by the police for a very serious crime which she would have committed. Her relatives are in tears and desperate to see her leave in handcuffs for the police station… During her interrogation, the cop who questions her does not believe her version of the facts. But Elodie is serious and formal, she is the culprit…

How did she get there? After this dramatic introduction (similar to that of A la folie, the M6 ​​TV movie with Marie Gillain and Alexis Michalik), the public then goes back in time and witnesses Elodie and her family moving into a new hometown.

Very quickly, Bruno, the charming neighbor, does not take long to come and welcome them… Then begins his insidiously immersion in the faults of this family weakened by various problems. Because yes, underneath his appearance as the ideal sexy son-in-law, Bruno has a hidden side… and even a very disturbing darkness in his soul!

This one is actually a very dangerous narcissistic pervert with a troubled past, having already destroyed the lives of several people! As the episodes go by, he enters Elodie’s mind and then her heart. He manages to seduce her by playing on the weaknesses of his marriage in the hollow of the wave… until she falls in love with him.

Bruno does everything to isolate her from those close to her, but although she is tempted deep down to follow him headlong into this adventure, our heroine resists her precisely thanks to them. Despite the Machiavellian stratagems and the odious manipulations of the psychopath to keep her under his control, will Elodie discover her true face?

In Addict, the plot has in certain aspects the false airs of that of the cult film Rear Window… Indeed, Bruno spies on the slightest actions and gestures of his prey and his family in the house opposite, which also allows you to always be one step ahead. But is not Alfred Hitcock who wants!

Here, the twists follow one another at a frantic pace, leaving no time for the viewer to digest them. If the adventures manage to be sometimes surprising, they nevertheless generally lack subtlety. Thus, all the boxes of the narcissistic pervert are checked with Bruno…

In recent years, this type of toxic and unhealthy character has been featured a lot in the world of fiction since it is a much discussed and analyzed social subject in our time. Because of this, Addict addresses a strong theme, certainly, but seen and reviewed and without much originality.

At the same time, several stories intertwine (Elodie’s student forced to marry a man, Chloé’s search for her origins, etc.) with the main plot, without us actually understanding why. A certain confusion unfortunately often emanates from this thriller.

It is nevertheless important to emphasize that the final scenes are quite convincing thanks to the acting of the actors. The actors are very good throughout the series, each perfectly embodies his character and his intentions despite the lack of finesse in the story.

Despite everything, our curiosity remains strangely piqued to discover the outcome of this dark affair… Addict can appear as an afternoon TV movie that is too stretched in length and falls into the guilty pleasure category. But is this a good comparison?

Addict on TF1: what is this drama series worth with Cécile Bois and Sagamore Stévenin as a psychopath?