Agatha Christie’s comedy

THEATER From Friday 7 December at the Bobbio Theater one of the most famous works of the English writer

3.12.2012 | 22.15 “Mousetrap” debuted in London in 1952 (among the performers, Richard Attenborough) and has been staged continuously until today, setting the record for most replicated show in the history of international theater. The same Christie she did not expect such a great success: speaking with the first producer of the show, the writer estimated her work to be “on the bill” in “no more than eight months”.

Among the many curiosity of this show – whose initial plot, “Three blind mice”was born as a gift for Princess Mary – there is also the fact of not being never been translated into a movie; in fact, a clause prohibits the film version until the theatrical performances in London have been completed for at least 6 months. And after 60 years it hasn’t happened yet.

“Mousetrap” is one fun and suspenseful show, with an unpredictable and always current ending. Polite, ironic, full of twists, it offers the viewer an unmistakable “British” atmosphere.
We are in the 1950s in full London climate, when in the Castel del Frate inn, the young hoteliers Mollie and Giles Ralston face a dramatic adventure along with five eccentric customers.

Everyone seems to have something to hide while a heinous murder performed in London seems strangely connected with the inn, which in the meantime remains isolated due to one blizzard: telephone lines are interrupted and all roads are blocked. Thanks to his skill as a skier, the Sergeant Trotter of Scotland Yard manages to get to Castel del Frate.

The cop must protect the safety of guests and solve the mystery, but his arrival destabilizes everyone. It is clear that among them lies thepsychopathic killer who has already killed a woman in London and what it might strike again. But under what disguise does the culprit disguise himself? Why is the killer in that small hotel, far from the world? It will be up to Sergeant Trotter to locate the mysterious killer intent on striking again.

To stage in Italy (for the third consecutive season) this lucky comedy is there Roman company of Actors & Technicians, led by Annalisa Di Nola and Stefano Messina, who also directs the show. With Di Nola and Messina, we find Carlo Lizzani, Paolo Zuccari, Roberto Della Casa, Andrea Lolli, Claudia Crisafio, Elisa Di Eusanio on stage. The sets are by Alessandro Chiti, the costumes by Isabella Rizza, the music by Pino Cangialosi and the lights by Emiliano Baldini.

Third season ticket show of the 2012/2013 season, “Mousetrap” debuts on Friday 7 December at 8.30 pm and remains on stage until Sunday 16 with the usual hours of the Bobbio Theater: evening 20.30, Tuesday and holidays 16.30, Monday rest. Free parking for all performances at the Trieste Fair (main entrance in P.le De Gasperi).

Agatha Christie’s comedy-thriller “Mousetrap” …