Agostina’s crime: everything points to the hypothesis of her ex

The young woman had disappeared after allegedly being contacted by a truck driver who would give her a job as babysitting. “It has nothing to do with the trucker who contacted her. It was the other previous partner that she had”said the relative, who explained that during the time they were together, the man was jealous and possessive.

However, he clarified that they do not know if they have been in contact recently. But that is not the only argument to support the accusation. Vanesa also recalled that it was Agostina herself who published a post on her Facebook profile in which she exposed everything she experienced when she was this man’s girlfriend.

In his message, posted in February 2020, he said that they were together for nine months and that he was able to get rid of that relationship thanks to the support of his family. He also accused him of “psychopath” and “rapist”. To the virtual escrache he attached an image in which the face of the ex-boyfriend is seen.

“It disgusts me to know that I had a relationship of almost nine months with this psychopath, sick, rapist, pedophile and manipulator. A year ago I no longer have anything with him, when I found out that he had complaints of rape. He manipulated me and handled me as he wanted until my family managed to open my eyes and I was able to leave him.”, Agostina had recounted.

This is why for Vanesa, and the family in general, Justice must investigate in this sense. Completely disbelieves the version that she was attacked when she went to work as a babysitter for a client, which in fact has not yet been located by the authorities.

The complaint on Facebook of the young woman against the ex:

Regarding the investigation, Trigo’s aunt told this medium that they have no further news and that they wait for the body to be returned to them in order to hold his funeral. Judicial sources indicated that an autopsy was performed on the body and that results are still awaited.

It was known before the relatives recognized the body of the nanny that, according to the first data of the investigation, the body had at least one stab wound to the back.

Among other data that emerged, it was learned that the remains presented at first sight a stab wound to the back and blows to the face.. They also had animal wounds, which would indicate that the body had been in place for several hours and had all its clothes on.

The discovery was made in a shed located on Robert and Carril Norte streets, in the town that is located about 45 kilometers east of the capital of the province.

It was personnel from the Rapid Action Cycling Unit (UCAR) who observed the body while carrying out a raking.

An area located not far from the Plaza de Buen Orden, the place where it was confirmed -thanks to several witnesses- that Agostina got off the bus after leaving her house last Sunday.

Wheat was the mother of a boy

From the last day they saw her alive, Vanesa recalled that she first celebrated her son’s birthday and then received the message from the alleged trucker in which he asked her to meet to offer him a job as a nanny.

“After the audio that he sent her, she took the bus close to home at 8:30 p.m. A neighbor sent her a message to see if she had arrived and she told her that she had gotten off at the bus stop in Plaza de Buen Orden. Then my mom (Gladys Domínguez) sent him a message to send him the location. But that’s when the phone went dead. There we did not know anything else”, recounted the aunt.

Still affected, the family member remembered the young woman as a hard-working person who “was looking for her in whatever”. Recently, Trigo also worked in a bakery and was about to finish high school. She was enrolled in the Work Promotion plan and she was even employed in a nursing home.

“We are sure that it was not an act of insecurity,” confirmed Vanesa, who said that now she hopes that justice will be done and at least know which are the two hypotheses that prosecutor Sívori handles.

Agostina’s crime: everything points to the hypothesis of her ex-partner as a possible murderer