Aleska Génesis begins to lose her hair after alleged witchcraft to Nicky Jam

Months ago they began to circulate on social networks where the model Aleska Genesis was seen doing alleged witchcraft to Nicky Jam. Today, the famous woman has come out to speak out because she has begun to lose her hair after the stress caused by the scrutiny she received, as well as the statements she made by an ex-partner, whom she also points to abuse and violence.

It was through social networks where Aleska talked about the situation she is facing and everything she has had to deal with during 2022.

With a post where he can be seen with hair loss, Aleska points out: “This is what abuse of a human being looks like.”

In another post, you can see a document where he directly points to his ex Miguel Mawad for harassment, in addition to the fact that he was allegedly the one who leaked the videos where he is seen performing alleged witchcraft on reggaeton Jam.

“These types of people tend to play victims and for this they try to turn the story of who the aggressor really is. The most ironic thing is that after all his mistreatment and abuse, he tried to request a protection order against me based on pathological lies and obviously they denied it because all their arguments are false,” says the Venezuelan.

Génesis highlights his value in sharing his story, since he points out that he has been a constant victim of abuse and exposure of his privacy, since, regarding the scandal of the videos, of the alleged witchcraft to the interpreter of Hasta el Amanecer.

“At the moment where I was most desperate, looking for any possibility that this abuser would leave me alone; a friend whom I trusted a lot proposed and insisted on seeing a witch to see if we could somehow stop the damage. that this person was doing to me because he believes in it and practices it,” she said.

“Among his recommendations was to get my ex (Nicky) back to help me and protect me from this abuser and it made sense because while I was with him, that psychopath never tried to hurt me, so I let myself go and it turns out that everything was a trap into which I unfortunately fell”, adds the famous.

“I trusted that person because I was in a moment of vulnerability and desperate to see how he would protect my life.”

She points out that it was her friend who made her recommendations to do witchcraft who recorded the videos without her consent.

She denounces that the action of exhibiting her was done with the purpose of damaging her image and discrediting her credibility, as well as falling into blackmail, threatening her with the publication of the videos.

She details that she preferred “to put up with the attacks of hate, mockery, bullying and branding me as crazy, a witch and bad than continuing to be abused by that narcissistic psychopath and remaining silent as I did for many years.”

Finally, he points out that his friendship with Nicky Jam continues.

“There is no evil intent that can destroy and separate our friendship.”

What is the story between Aleska Génesis and Miguel Mawad?

The Venezuelan revealed months ago that Miguel Mawad verbally and physically assaulted her during their relationship.

“I have been experiencing harassment for two months. I have been the victim of an abuser and mistreatment for many years where I have remained silent.”

“I was alone with my self-esteem on the ground,” she said in an interview for Telemundo.

It is known that Miguel and Aleska had a relationship that lasted approximately five years.

Who is Miguel Mawad?

He is a very controversial Venezuelan businessman, he is the son of magnate Romeo Moawad, and he has been linked to various institutions created during the regime of Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro.

Aleska Génesis begins to lose her hair after alleged witchcraft to Nicky Jam