Alias ​​’Pescadito’ fell, considered the youngest serial killer in the country: he was part of Los Camilo II

Police in collaboration with the Prosecutor’s Office achieved the dismantling of the Los Camilo II criminal organization in Bogotáin facts that allowed the capture of 21 criminalsaccused of crimes such as homicide, conspiracy to commit a crime, trafficking, manufacturing or possession of drugs, carrying or possession of firearms and kidnapping . However, one of the names on the list of detainees caught the attention of the authorities: Andrés Leonardo Achipiz Bolívar, alias ‘Pescadito’, owner of an extensive and bloody criminal record.

“Among those captured is its ringleader Andrés Leonardo Achipiz Bolívar alias ‘Pescadito’, 28 years old, who has one 17 year criminal record. Alias ​​’Pescadito’ after confessing to 35 homicides in 2013, reports highlighted him as “the youngest serial killer in the world or the Colombian psychopath and serial killer”; who carried out his first homicide at the age of 11 ”, reported the Bogota Metropolitan Police.

The Bogotá Police revealed several videos that account for the fearsome actions of Los Camilo II, where the acts of hit men can be seen, some in broad daylight and in front of crowds.

How could alias ‘Pescadito’, which confessed to over 30 murders nine years ago, walk around like any other citizen while sowing terror in Bogotá?

extensive criminal record

When I was only 19 years old, Andrés Leonardo Achipiz Bolívar shocked the country by confessing the murder of 35 people. He was running in 2013 and, according to the police officers who arrested him, there were only prosecutions in 12 homicides.

Known in the criminal world under the alias ‘Pescadito’, Achipiz Bolívar He was part of a band known as Los Camilo, which operated in kennedy and bosa where he became the executioner of drug dealers who they dared to dispute the territory of that criminal organization.

Achipiz Bolivar Already at the age of 15 I knew what it was like to be deprived of liberty, because at that age his first capture for a double homicide took place. However, within four walls he would last very little, because he took advantage of a riot in the correctional facility where he was to flee. It was 2009 and as soon as he set foot on the street he became a coveted hit man.

His coldness led him to murder even his girlfriend’s mother, a minor under 12 years of age, as well as her uncle, who opposed the union.

the bloodthirsty homicide list grew over time until when policemen in 2013 managed to put him behind bars in a meticulous follow-up in which the agents had to wear disguises.

However, ‘Pescadito’ lasted only seven years in prison, since on December 16, 2020 He obtained his freedom through an order that granted him redemption from sentence. However, his misdeeds continued and the mere mention of his alias generated terror. in the south of Bogota .

In a interview with Noticias Caracol in 2013 “Pescadito” narrated his crimes coldly, said that he asked his victims for forgiveness and assured that he had a three-year-old son for whom he expected a future different from his own.

Alias ​​’Pescadito’ fell, considered the youngest serial killer in the country: he was part of Los Camilo II