Alma Cero reveals that to end her, Edwin Luna threatened to take his own life

zero soul broke the silence about her marriage to edwin luna and he uncovered the act – in which a gun was seen in the middle – and led her to make the decision to separate from him.

A five years that 47-year-old Alma Cero and Edwin Luna they will divorcethe dancer told the real reason why she decided to leave him when he asked her to.

He also narrated the Edwin Luna’s attitude changed 35 years old, after returning from a trip in Guatemala, where he is from Kimberly Floreshis current wife.

Edwin Luna threatened Alma Cero with taking his own life

zero soul put an end to the rumors about his marriage to Edwin Luna and even revealed the terrible act that the singer committed and that led her to leave her life permanently.

The actress of ‘María de Todos los Ángeles’ was 3 years of courtship with Edwin Luna“I fell in love with his talent”, which led them to get married.

However, the marriage that took place in 2017 ended only two months after the marriage papers were signed, why? Edwin Luna “is a psychopath.”

edwin luna

edwin luna (screenshot)

Much has been heard about narcissistic couples; however, Alma Cero assured that Edwin Luna surpassed the level, “My psychologist told me that He’s not a built-in narcissist, he’s a psychopath.”

And it is that he explained that just two months after they got married and even, still without leaving on their honeymoon, she decided to leave him, after Edwin Luna threatened to kill himself.

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He explained that Edwin Luna after a trip to Guatemala completely changed his behavior, which led him to come clean and ask for a divorce.

“You have told me that I have been weird and I am going to tell you why, I want you to leave and everything”.

Edwin Luna to Zero Soul.

Soul Zero ensures “I did not understand anything”, which led her to despair, “I got out of myself”, because Edwin Luna to pull out a gun and point it at his head, threatening to kill himself.

“He takes out a gun and puts it like this (on his head) and says – now! and I said -I’m going, I thank you for everything, it’s okay, I’m going to fix my things, I need you to help me take my things to Mexico”.

Soul Zero and Edwin Luna.

The actress described what Edwin Luna did as “extreme manipulation.”

“I don’t know if he would have, but I wasn’t going to risk myself or him.”

Soul Zero, actress.

She also said that while she was pregnant she fell on her belly and was afraid to tell Edwin Luna what had happened.

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Alma Cero talking about Edwin Luna. (YouTube / Matilde Obregón / Taken from video)

Was Edwin Luna unfaithful with someone in Guatemala? Alma Cero was not going to forgive him one more

zero soul narrated that edwin luna asked for a divorce after he went on a trip to Guatemala, and she assured “I think he expected me to beg him like other times he cheated on me.”

“She invites me, her baby and her mother to a promotional trip to Guatemala and she was not there all day… it caught my attention that she was promoting from 7 to 12 at night.”

Soul Zero, actress.

The actress recounted this in an interview with Matilde Obregón and the journalist even reminded her that Kimberly Flores 33-year-old, the current wife of Edwin Luna, is from Guatemala.

However, the dancer was triggered by the topic Kimberly Flores, saying that he was the one with the commitment, not her.

“Matilde Obregón- Alma, Kimberly is from Guatemala.

Alma- Ah no well, no, the abc, we all know it. I’m going to tell you one thing, whatever, he was the one who had a commitment to me.”

Damn Obregrón and Alma Cero.

On the other hand, he shared that after he put the gun to his head, he mentioned “So what, what do we do” and she insinuated that he was unfaithful to her in Guatemala.

“He kind of expected me to beg him like other times he cheated on me, that is…”.

Soul Zero, actress.

Finally, Edwin Luna’s ex-wife thanked him “for letting me go” and stressed that he only wishes the singer happiness, but reminded him “As you act, the correspondence comes.”

Alma Cero reveals that to end her, Edwin Luna threatened to take his own life