Mother of three of the girls, sister and aunt of the other three victims of the ‘Alajuelita Massacre’, Rosario remains convinced that the culprits were the accused at the beginning

It is practically a fact that the ‘Alajuelita Massacre’, which occurred in 1986, will go unpunished. Despite the fact that in recent years new hypotheses suggest that the perpetrator would be the Psychopath, Mrs. Rosario Zamora assures to this day that the culprits were the original defendants.

In April 2006, on the 20th anniversary of the Alajuelita crime, the now extinct daily Up to datepublished a brainy report entitled “Impunity forever” and in which he predicted that practically “nothing could reopen the Alajuelita case.”

16 years have passed and, indeed, the fact prescribed, but some lines of journalistic investigation have meandered until practically reaching the conclusion that it was the Psychopath who terrorized the country in the 80’s and 90’s, he was a Nicaraguan with military training who would have started his route of blood just with the killing of the seven women of Alajuelita.

However, Mrs. Rosario Zamora, mother of three of the girls, sister and aunt of the other three victims, respectively, remains convinced that the culprits were the defendants at the beginning. She supports her certainties in facts that she recounts in off to avoid any legal implication, but it does rule out that the bloodthirsty Psychopath was the executor of the barbarism that sodomized and murdered his relatives.

In the midst of the horror unleashed throughout the country by the sadism with which the murder of the seven women was perpetrated, the Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ) determined that the culprits of the act were four individuals from the southern neighborhoods.

On April 8, 1989, the Third Criminal Court sentenced Arnoldo Mora Portilla, alias “Arnoldillo”, to 19 years in prison for the crimes of aggravated robbery and rape, and José Luis Monge Sandí, alias “Tres Pelos”, to 195 years for two crimes of aggravated rape and seven qualified homicides.

After this, the case began a judicial path that raised doubts about who or who were responsible. On January 5, 1990, the Third Chamber annulled the sentence and ordered a new trial.

The debate was held a year later and the court acquitted Monge because there was not enough evidence to link him to the murders. Mora Portilla was left out of the process because the Law for the Protection of Minors stated that crimes committed by minors could be prosecuted, since at the time of the events the suspect was 17 years old.

Later, the Third Chamber ordered, on June 10, 1992, a new trial, but Mora Sandí was assassinated on February 26, 1996, four months before the debate took place.

Álvaro Chinchilla Vásquez, alias “Viruta”, and Arnoldo Mora Quesada, alias “Galleta” were also linked to the process, however both were murdered during the initial investigations into the facts, so they never attended the trial.

The criminal proceedings against the aforementioned defendants soon began to show cracks and, as the newspaper Up to date In his review, there was a strong shock within the Judiciary due to the dozens of errors or omissions, which not only failed to prove the guilt of the defendants, but suspicion began to grow, especially on the part of journalists from investigation, in the sense that the defendants had been used as guinea pigs.

In the judgment of June 10, 1992, the Chamber indicated: “The facts to which this matter refers are extremely serious. However, the Chamber’s attention is drawn to the deficiencies with which this process has been investigated and processed, which force to decree, for the second time, an annulment of the sentence. Any investigation must be recorded in the file, so that the Courts that have to decide, have the evidence to support their decision “.

The rest is history: the case expired and the only survivor among the defendants, Mora Portilla, has had a stable job for many years.

But despite the legal prescription, the whole issue of the Psychopath, the deceased from Alajuelita and the other 12 victims who made up the macabre list of the supposed murderer, has led to the fact that, in the last decade, various researchers, journalists and writers return to the case and, although there are no clear statements about the alleged responsibility of the Psychopath in the case of Alajuelita, there are reports of facts that seem to indicate the direct route to the serial murderer.

If the efforts that some civilians are still making to try to raise the case of the massacre of the seven women to international Human Rights instances came to a head, in theory they could not reach the culprit, since the alleged Psychopath would have died in 1998, just at the hands of another serial killer known as The Matanicaswho would have set him up while they were having a beer in a seedy bar, during the early hours of the morning, in San José Centro.

The Psychopath would have gone to the bathroom, which his victimizer took advantage of to place a few drops of a strong anxiolytic, and thus repeated his modus operandi: unconscious, he moved him to the vicinity of the Zurquí Tunnel, shot him to death and then threw him along with other victims whose remains lay in a sector of Braulio Carrillo. – Many roads lead to “El Psicópata” but Mrs. Rosario doubts that he killed his 7 relatives