And where is the screen of Empresas Polar with the support for Vinotinto?

This company called Polar, pantallero, faker, criminal, murderer, terrorist, genocidal, swindler, hoarder, destroyer of wages, hunger, thief and psychopath; She always appeared before the small screen of Venezuelan private television stations, as the savior, promoter, sponsor, supporter and sponsor of our Vinotinto; being their statements, expressions, communications and highly misinformative, misleading, deceitful, fakers, etc.

Empresas Polar, always expressed itself as the one that saved Venezuelan soccer before our people, as it always communicated, in order to overshadow, isolate and misinform; all monetary, technical, psychological, sports support, training, exchanges, trips, etc; All of this was promoted, planned, sponsored and improved by the socialist and Bolivarian Venezuelan state.

We refer to the facts, the Copa América 2007 was proudly there, financed, organized, prepared and carried out (solely) by the Venezuelan state and by the revolutionary leader Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, that is, Venezuela did not need to carry it out in conjunction with other nations. , because by that time enough economic resources were available and there are ten soccer stadiums built in different states, and we must gradually promote their recovery and momentum; this slowdown and sporting misfortune was planned, organized and applied thanks to terrorism, fraud , theft, blockades, sanctions, seizures and diversion of monetary resources and loss of commercial, economic and financial freedom; as a continuous blow carried out by the Latin American far-rights (Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Guyana, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile), the United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, France. England, Japan, etc All in order to suffocate, drown and destroy the Bolivarian political system, in order to support and promote the arrival of the Venezuelan right through terrorism, a violent coup, to the Miraflores Palace, in order to promote, accelerate and protect the privatizations, robberies, dispossession, loss of labor, social, human benefits, etc; in order to see how to promote informality, indigence, international debts and pro-Western totalitarian surrender.

Why didn’t Empresas Polar support Vinotinto in these last five years of financial, commercial and economic crisis so that it wouldn’t get to where it is right now? Because legitimately, Empresas Polar is a predatory, voracious, bloodthirsty, inhuman, brutal and immoral company; because he did not need this, because his primary and essential objective through Dollar Today and his sister Farmatodo; It was to take the Miraflores Palace by violent means, through the idiotization, mongolization, disorientation, and psychopathic disinformation of the masses, to encourage them to take the government palace, which did not happen and that is the greatest inhuman shame of the psychopath Lorenzo Mendoza .

Perhaps Empresas Polar did not give themselves the tupe and the vain glorification of saying that they even had a soccer school for minors and that they formed the seed of future great Venezuelan soccer players and therefore invest a lot of money in that sports project, but yes, besides miserable, because all that was pure story, screen, deception, immorality and misinformation.

Now, it is the Venezuelan state that clearly and seriously demonstrates that it is the one that has the capacity to promote, develop and stabilize the Venezuelan economy; the Venezuelan state is showing that it has been the one accelerating the economic recovery of our nation and of all Venezuelans; against the brutal policy of economic, financial and commercial destruction carried out by Dollar Today, Companies

Polar, Farmatodo, Cines Unidos, Banesco, El Palacio de Nariño, The Pentagon, The State Department, European Union, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, CNN, Deutsche Welle, El País, CNN, NTN, Vanguardia, MiamiHerald, etc.

Already the sports disciplines are on the way to national recovery, little by little the different sports activities are revived, municipal, regional, national and even Pan-American championships are already emerging, etc; Be careful, and it is the Venezuelan state that is financing, organizing, supporting and protecting, in order to see our nation reborn again, after so much national and international right-wing evil, etc.

There was only one international sporting embarrassment where it was tried to humiliate, discredit, sink and weigh down our nation, as were the past Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games, where the Colombian narco-paramilitary nation was humiliated before Venezuela in those great events, where thanks to Yulimar Rojas, the gold medal was obtained in triple jump, while Colombia only obtained silver medals, eye and that even the far-right Venezuelan and pre-Colombian national political shame, they were also humiliated, ashamed and immortalized; because aspiring to see his country, his homeland in the depths of an abyss, ravine and precipice; of so much hatred, resentment, contempt, arrechera and evil; that they wish to the Bolivarian Revolution, and especially to all the Venezuelan people. to almost all of the young Venezuelan professional right wing who were forced, driven and self-directed to emigrate and will leave the country desolate, demoralized, intellectually and technically dismantled; and to the ruined merchants and industrialists who could not resist so much political, commercial, financial, economic evil, etc…

Revolutionary greetings.

And where is the screen of Empresas Polar with the support for Vinotinto?