Ángel Expósito: “Ukraine will have a hard time recognizing the minister’s death as a security breach”

Although winter has finally been late, it has arrived. Some snowbound trucker must be remembering my father. And my mother will be remembered by some of the thousands of people locked up last night on a train due to breakdowns in the railway lines, but you understand me.

The snows are necessary. And the wind and the water. More necessary than ever. So caution, information before taking the car and, when in doubt, stand still. As I said, winter has finally arrived. A little more and it catches us at Easter.

You know? Early this morning, seeing how cold it is and the blanket of snow in the Sierra de Madrid, a little further north of COPE Tres Cantos, I was thinking of Ukraine. “Cold?” I thought.

Exactly one year ago we were in Ukraine. When the United States confirmed what was coming and warned its nationals to leave the country, we went there. Can you imagine what it must be like to live under Putin’s bombs at 15 or 20 below zero?

Try to put yourself in situation, news of the day:

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, has confirmed the death of the Interior Minister, Denis Monastirski, after a helicopter crashed near kyiv. Next to him the entire leadership of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry.

The accident took place in Brovary, a city of about 100,000 inhabitants in the east of the capital next to a nursery school. There are about 18 dead, including three children.

Among the deceased are Monastirski, Deputy Interior Minister Yevhen Tenin; the Secretary of State for the Interior, Yuri Lubkovich; his assistants and the crew members of the device.

As for the causes, you can already imagine. Accident, bad luck, or plain and simple, an act of war. Ukraine is going to have a hard time admitting a disaster as well as a security failure or a military success by Putin and, honestly, the Russian psychopath does not need to admit anything.

Maybe he orders you to be thrown out the window for going against him, he sends his beasts from the Wagner Group to rape or kill you with a hammer or a helicopter shoots you down over a nursery.

And even the ultras of this part of the world remain submissive and cowardly under the monster. Including a good part of our Council of Ministers. To our shame and to the cynicism of our president.

oh! And my postscript. Back home, CIS survey.

The PSOE would win the general elections with almost two points ahead of the PP, according to the CIS barometer for January published today. The socialists would obtain 30.2% of the support while the popular ones would remain at 28.5%.

For more fun, Podemos increases its flow and stands at 14.2%, almost two points of progress. The fourth place is for Vox (10%), which is still five points below its result in the 2019 elections.

And I say, you know, Pedro. If you want to go up in the polls, instead of 200 rapists, you have to release and reward 1,000. Do you want more? Pardon Griñán, go for Puigdemont and bring him in the Falcon. How little do you think? What do you want more votes? Otegui Minister of the Interior now and Irene Montero. I don’t know, Vice President of the Government.

What isn’t there?

Ángel Expósito: “Ukraine will have a hard time recognizing the minister’s death as a security breach”