Ángel Expósito: “What is the harm, towards a pregnant woman, of showing her a high

Today is one of those days, weird. If we had to make the cover of a newspaper, we were going to have a hard time. One cover, so imagine a whole show.

But that’s what there is. And almost better. In this way, we can escape from the waves of information that the Government tries to mark us and from the bog of the perennial electoral campaign that invades us to focus on other things: In the war, in certain events, the Italian mafia… And the mess around the pro-life measures in Castilla y León and, let’s be honest, the fuss is not about the heartbeat of the fetus, the doctors or the ultrasound scans. Not even pregnant women. Not.

The issue that the Moncloa geniuses have launched as bait and the rest of us are following is the PP – VOX pact. And its derivatives or futures. Everything is political and in the electoral campaign I don’t even tell you. And in the hands of the strategist on duty… Well, that.

By the way, since I don’t feel like going into the provocations, overacting and exaggerations of the Government, just one question: What is the harm, towards a pregnant woman, of showing her a high quality ultrasound? Isn’t that woman’s right to have all the medical and personal information, and for that information to be the best possible? Where is the problem? In a political pact?

In short, when designing the cover to which I referred before and getting out of the way, I am left with only one theme: The current phase of the war. And specifically, from a very precise point of view, the savage mercenaries of the Wagner Group.

While here we gouge out our eyes in an endless and insufferable electoral campaign, in the East of our European Union a wild animal, Putin, sends his mercenaries to kill with blood and fire.

We already know that Vladimir Putin is a psychopath who will go down in modern history for what he is. What happens is that he no longer even hides how he recruits prisoners or the poorest to send them to the slaughterhouse. Putin acts as head of the Wagner Group mercenaries. Some beasts that torture, rape or are capable of killing and recording how they hammer a soldier to death.

At the same time, and from here, let’s face it, we continue to buy oil and gas. And the ultras of Europe and the world (from Bolsonaro to Trump to Berlusconni or part of our Council of Ministers) support him or secretly excuse him.

There is no right. In this West of ours, we impassively witness how a group of beasts devastate what they catch in their path. Women, children, enemies or deserters. And upload it to the network. And Putin pays them and harangues them before our negligence and disinterest.

The Wagner Group murders in Ukraine as it does every day in Africa and as they massacred in Syria. The same is deployed to protect Maduro who provokes a coup in the Sahel with no limit to their atrocities, without respect for any rights and without rules.

I insist: the war in Ukraine has put our Europeanism and our dependencies in front of the mirror. Faced with our cynicism and myopia. And, meanwhile, the beasts camping at the door of Europe paid, worse than in the Middle Ages, by Putin.

This should be the issue that a good part of the news will occupy us on a daily basis. And to public opinion. Putin’s bloody war against this our part of the world, only now he is going against Ukraine.

oh! And my postscript. I read on ABC:

The courage of the mother who uncovered a network of child abuse and made an appointment with her daughter’s kidnappers.

The mother met one of the captors in the Valencian town of Gandía after posing as a teenager and cooperated with the Civil Guard investigation. She remembers, two minors under guardianship, drugged and raped by “ten to fifteen people” in Valencia.

This woman, acting “on her own?” and risk, served to find the whereabouts of two minors under guardianship who had been captured by a criminal group that drugged them to rape them in an occupied house. An investigation by the Civil Guard was “very complicated” and is being followed in the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 3 of Gandía.

Poor girls. What courage of that mother and how disgusting those monsters!

Ángel Expósito: “What is the harm, towards a pregnant woman, of showing her a high-quality ultrasound?”