Anthony Perkins, the actor of Psycho, and not the only one, who hid his sexual condition with montages

62 years ago ‘Psycho’ was released, the Alfred Hitchcock work that ended up becoming a cult film. In addition to its suspenseful and horror plot, the film was also praised for the brilliant performance of Janet Leigh and Anthony Perkins, the film’s fearsome psychopath. Thanks to this film, Perkins positioned himself as one of the great actors of the 1960s, becoming the object of desire for his fans. However, the actor had to hide his sexual condition.

Initially, Perkins had been completely homosexual, having numerous relationships with men, including several celebrities such as Rock Hudson, a great friend of Elizabeth Taylor, Tab Hunter, the dancer Rudolf Nuyerev and the choreographer Grover Dale, with whom he had a ‘formal’ relationship. during six years. However, due to his incipient popularity, the actor had to hide his sexuality, thus beginning a love affair with actress Victoria Principal and later married photographer Barry Berenson, sister of actress Marisa Berenson, in 1973, and with whom She had two children.

Unfortunately, the actor contracted AIDS and it was at that moment that he confessed that he had been exclusively homosexual for most of his life. In 1992, at the age of 60, the actor died of pneumonia that was complicated by his diagnosis, just a year after the singer Freddy Mercury died of the same disease.

In fact, this love montage has not been the only one in the entertainment industry, since several artists have found it necessary to create false love affairs to hide their sexual preferences from the public.. One of them was the presenter Jesús Vázquez, who confessed that his managers had invented an affair with the French Marlene Mourreu, although he was very clear that he was homosexual. “The managers orchestrated it because I would have come out of the closet much earlier. It was a mistake and I accept it.” Some time later he confessed his sexual inclination and currently has been in a relationship with Roberto Cortés for more than 20 years.

Jesus Vazquez

Singer Ricky Martin also experienced a similar situation, but for much longer. Due to his physical attractiveness and his great popularity in the Menudo group, the singer had to hide for many years so as not to disappoint his community of fans, made up mostly of women. For that reason, he invented a romance with the tennis player Gabriela Sabatini, the Mexican singer Alejandra Guzmán and the presenter Rebecca de Alba, with whom he was about to marry and have a family. However, in 2010, he confessed in a statement that he was homosexual. Years later, the singer Pablo Alborán also followed his example, revealing his sexual condition to his fans.

The current partner of Ellen DeGeneres, the Australian model Portia de Rossi, went a little further, since she had to marry the documentary filmmaker Mel Metcalfe, in 1996, in order to get a work permit in the United States, despite being aware of her lesbianism from an early age.

Anthony Perkins, the actor of Psycho, and not the only one, who hid his sexual condition with montages