Thanks to the extinct Aguas Turbias podcast, to its sequel We are dead… or what? and, especially, to The Dungeon of Reverend Wilson (my good comrade) I began to discover the stormy (and amazing) world of Cult cinema. One of the first films recommended by them that I had the opportunity to enjoy (on Filmin again, by the way) was «Gomia: Terror in the Aegean Sea» aka «Antropophagus». It’s the story of a merry gang of innocent tourists (all of them very attractive, of course) who take to catching a boat and going on a tour of the Greek islands, and lo and behold, they end up on a deserted island where there is a psychopath who feeds on human flesh. The psychopath in question spends the movie hunting one after the other until at the end, in a scene that went down in the history of video nasties, the good man eats his own entrails. The image of the chalao snacking on his intestines is, in fact, the film’s poster.

«The art of dying very slowly», the new album by Depresión Sonora, is also an act of self-cannibalism like the top of a pine tree. The man from Madrid (but from Huete), Marcos Crespo (the human being behind the name DS) clings to the classic motto “The way out is inwards” and leads us by the hand on a path of introspection to the kitchen itself.

Cover of ‘The art of dying very slowly’LVC

This artist, son of El Gran Confinamiento, had already told us about himself in previous singles, as well as in an EP that came out last year. This, his first LP, shows that he has grown older and that he has consolidated his peculiar style between rap and sad pop. The most evident influence is said to be the Joy Division with its rampant melancholy, but also many others, from Sonic Youth and Talking Heads, to New Age or Eminem.

The fact of having divided the album into introduction, middle and end is very effective for what he wants to tell us: (1) “hello, here I am and I have this problem (solitude)”, (2) “I am facing it” , (3) “in the end I emerge victorious.” The first song “Introduction to Entropy” tells us about the pressure of society to save us through the rattling of the criminal alarm clock. Musically, I think it’s a great techno song that wouldn’t be out of place on a Kraftwerk album or Jean-Michel Jarre himself.

“Welcome to Chaos” and “I see so Inside” are the fall into the darkest well of the Vallecano psyche. All black and all wrong. The ballad “Two Adolescents and their First Love”, with a neo-romantic sound through and through, begins to ascend from hell, however, and Marcos comes to tell us with it that there is hope to face the battle that is taking place in the second part of the LP. “I Hug Her Strongly”, “You Lie to Yourself to Be Happy” and “I’m Going to Explode” are the crux of this story:

traces of blood all over the street

Back home, nobody talk to me

Part III (and Final): «Death and Resurrection». Here we find the first single, “Where are my friends” which is a song with a danceable rhythm and more digestible for the general public. Good choice. In the end we discovered that the exit inward was indeed an exit:

In the end it wasn’t that hard

learn the art of dying slowly

As he himself says, on this album are his past self and his present self, and on both of them he has spun a sincere collection of songs between darkness and light. With almost all the tickets sold for the concerts that he has announced, DS is an interesting (and particular) bet from the Sonido Muchacho record company, which we will follow closely.

Love the people around you and you will do better. Kisses.