“Anyone cannot be a police officer”, Dr. Jose Pons, in front of the femicide rates in Puerto Rico

Dr. Pons, forensic psychologist, explains that it is important to be able to review and reformulate the admission and education criteria of the public force, in the face of the wave of femicides in Puerto Rico.

Dr. Jose Pons, forensic psychologist, calls for an evaluation of the admission and education criteria of the public force, in the face of the increase in femicide that Puerto Rico faces.

Doctor Jose Pons, forensic psychologist and former president of the Carlos Albizu University, in an exclusive interview for the Revista de Salud y Medicina Pública, assured that it is important “that there are measures to review the admission efforts of police officers, but I would also like to see that there be a detailed examination of the competencies of each police candidate,” he said.

The specialist’s statements are based on a worldwide problem, in which he questions the preparation of the members of the public forceemphasizing that the care of citizens prevails within the work of officials, and associates this duty with that of surgeons, since in both cases, they have the lives of many people in their hands.

For Dr. Pons, the preparation curriculum for members of the force cannot be based solely on physical defense mechanisms and criminal justice: “our police officers must have access to a curriculum that sensitizes human beings and develops their empathetic capacities. Police officers have to be prepared to control their anger and be able to control others,” he added.

Given this approach, it can be induced that basic preparation is not enough, and adds that “the Police must have an annual re-education period where their mental condition is analyzed every 12 months… It is necessary to know if the police are exhausted or affected for some emotional condition,” he said.

The Figueroa case

Recently, an unfortunate case was presented involving the president of the United Front of Organized Police (FUPO) Diego Figueroa, a fact that has kept the eyes of the community and the investigative organizations on the case. Faced with this event, Dr. Pons mentioned that “anyone cannot be a police officer.” The investigation of the fact is ongoing, the authorities have determined it as a fact of femicide-suicide and it remains to be clarified what happened.

For Dr. Pons, this is a surprise and even more so considering that the retired officer has highlighted the fight to ensure that law enforcement agents achieve a better retirement system on the Island, as well as for his impeccable resume in which was characterized by representing values ​​of justice.

Expert analysis

Within the analysis studies that must be carried out to clarify the facts, a psychological examination would have to be presented that covers both Figueroa, as well as the victims and relatives: “An event like this does not come from nowhere… but it is The state of that person with a good image is evident, who at a given moment turns back and becomes a psychopath, narcissist and kills this woman as a way of exercising power, but he also kills himself” declared the expert in clinical psychology.

On the other hand, Dr. Pons comments that there are no magic formulas to stop the wave of murders that affects the female population: “education with a gender or equity perspective is not an infallible solution,” he explains.

Finally, it calls for attention to be paid to the importance of mental health of the population and advocated that the island return to the path.

“Anyone cannot be a police officer”, Dr. Jose Pons, in front of the femicide rates in Puerto Rico