Ariane Séguillon: “It’s ch ****”, the actress furious after remarks on a detail of her physique

Ariane Séguillon was very angry. The actress wanted to make an important point.

One thing is sure, Ariane Seguillon does not have his tongue in his pocket. On social networks, the actress likes to share her favorites but does not hesitate to rant. Currently in Canada for the holiday season, the actress wanted to make a point. It is on Instagram that the actress spoke. It all started with a selfie she posted where she appears with very luscious lips. Right away, some accused her of having had cosmetic surgery.

An accusation that does not hold and that deeply annoys Ariane Seguillon. “Hello everyone, just to show you that my lips are completely normal and on the video I made of where I’m outside there’s a filter. Which makes me have big lips like that. Y’all are horny! No, I didn’t get my lips done!”, she said, opening her mouth wide to prove it. “I kiss you. It’s boring to have to justify everything!”, she concluded. And this isn’t the first time the actress has raised her voice. In the columns of Here, she evoked her bulimia : “It’s hiding to swallow kilos of food, she revealed. Me, I devoured up to twelve baguettes at a time, seven camemberts or ten packets of cakes … Being bulimic is to finish a jar of mustard when the fridge is empty. It’s becoming obese, having the tendons that hurt extremely, not seeing your feet anymore, and being ashamed of not being able to get up after sitting on the floor. Obesity morbid is a form of suicide”.

Ariane Séguillon’s rants

A new time, Ariane Séguillon wanted to make things clear : “It continues! I continue to read enormities in relation to the sleeve… Listen guys, rather than talking nonsense, I make you a proposal: read my bookshe said. You can’t talk about a book and have an opinion if you haven’t read it, that’s not possible! It’s as if I told you that I hated a film when I don’t know it and I haven’t seen it”.

Ariane Séguillon: “It’s ch ****”, the actress furious after remarks on a detail of her physique