“Arouses suspicions”, Maryfer Centeno insinuates that Erika Peña was an accomplice in the Cumbres Case

Mexico.- The most famous graphologist in Mexico, mayfer ryeanalyzed the Summits casewhere two kids They were murdered Cold-blooded for his sister’s partner in 2006.

through the channel Youtube de Centeno, the famous woman undertook the task of analyzing one of the cases that caused the most terror in the country more than 15 years ago, when the murder of two minors was reported, and stopped at Diego Santoy Riverollwho was the boyfriend of Erika Pena Cosssister of the victims.

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At the beginning of the video, Maryfer is telling a little about the grotesque story, and then she goes inside to carefully observe a recording where the presumed culprits appear, since in addition to Diego, the expert points out that the sister was also involved in the double murder.

In the clip, Maryfer assures that the sister of the deceased was allegedly very sad about the loss of her brothers while having a conversation with the intellectual murderer of minors, where she looks anything but sad.

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In addition, Centeno assures that Erika Peña did not have an attitude of anger or sadness towards her partner, whom she accuses of having killed her brothers while she assures that she did not do it and that she cannot prove anything, but mixing that he was jealous , like a couple’s lawsuit.

“Body language is not reflexive, instead, Diego Santoy Riveroll’s illustrators are broad, while she is the moment where they remove her face, they remove her face as if with that, as if with that they took away her strength” Centeno explains about the video.

Likewise, when Maryfer was analyzing another video about an interview between the murderer and the famous driver of Aztec TV, Javier Alatorrethe murderer assures a complicity that led him to commit the crime.

However, Diego has never declared that he is not the culprit, he has accepted it but also assures that she, Erika, was the one who asked him to kill his brother, who was the first to die at the hands of the psychopath.

Maryfer is surprised to notice that when Diego tells how he took the lives of the children, he does not make any gesture or articulation in his face as a sign of regret, but rather says it as if nothing had happened, but the author continues to insist that there was complicity with Erika Peña Coss.

Regarding Erika’s statements, she assures that what she says does not agree, in addition to the fact that she smiles when she tells of the injuries that Diego inflicted on her neck and arm, where Maryfer assures that what happened does not seem to hurt her.

Finally, the graphologist gave a conclusion about what she analyzed in the case that she assures will continue to give people something to talk about over the years.

“Diego Santoy Riveroll founds more coherently and also the argument that is more logical, there is greater agility to answer,” he says about the alleged murderer and added: “Erika Peña Coss arouses suspicions due to this inconsistency between words and gestures because the construction Normal for a person who says it hurts, there should be expressions of pain and there aren’t.”

Maryfer Centeno continued to reaffirm that Diego Riveroll at no time denied that he committed the double murder, but that he did insinuate that there was complicity between the couple.

“Arouses suspicions”, Maryfer Centeno insinuates that Erika Peña was an accomplice in the Cumbres Case