At the Elicantropo theater: on stage the text inspired by the true story of a murderous psychopath

NAPLES – After touring theaters throughout Italy, he arrives at the Elicantropo Theater in Naples, from Thursday 24 November 2022 at 21.00 (repeats until Sunday 27), 14 – Wo(Man) written and directed by Paolo Vanacore, with Carmen Di Marzo and original music by Alessandro Panatteri, inspired by the true story of Joanna Dennehy, an English psychopathic serial killer guilty of numerous murders that took place in November 2013 in the suburbs of Peterborough in England.

After the national success of Rosy D’Altavilla. Love beyond time the successful collaboration between the actress, the director and the composer continues, who has created a music that evokes the hallucinated climate in which the plot unfolds, weaving a main theme that aims to dig into the murkiest depths of the human soul.

The protagonist of 14 – Wo(Man) is Giovanna Denne, a serial killer sentenced to life imprisonment for killing an unknown number of men with incredible ferocity.

Nothing foreshadowed Denney’s madness, since, as crimonologist Raffella Bonsignori, technical consultant for the staging of the show, claims: “The psychopath tends to be in harmony with himself and believes he is always right, perceiving inadequacy in the behavior others. In practice, the others, with their ineptitude, with their weakness, with their admiration, are the real culprits who lead him to crime”.

With some victims Giovanna Denne has established sexual relationships dominated by her strong personality and by a psychological aggression even before physical. Behind the excitement that the idea of ​​inflicted violence provokes in her is the desire to tell everything without ever abandoning a desire for public affirmation and ephemeral limelight through that visibility now within everyone’s reach: social media, the world of the web.

In a historical moment like the present one, where femicide is at the center of most crime news cases, it might seem unusual to bring the story of a serial killer to the public’s attention, but this is not the case because Giovanna Denne has an typically male crime. She is an aggressive woman in the perennial search for her own pleasure, an intelligent woman, absolutely devoid of common morals and a sense of remorse, casual, charming, manipulative.

She knows how to wittily discover the weaknesses of her victims and exploits them to satisfy her own needs, she is hungry for stimuli and this leads her to gradually raise the stakes until she gets to murder. The story narrated, therefore, is the expression of male violence which, nowadays, is poured on women, transforming them not only into victims but also into perpetrators.

14 – Wo(Man) by Paolo Vanacore

24>27 November 2022 – Elicantropo Theater of Naples, Vico Gerolomini 3

Start of performances at 21.00 (Thursday to Saturday), 18.00 (Sunday)

Info and reservations on 3491925942 (morning), 081296640 (afternoon)web

At the Elicantropo theater: on stage the text inspired by the true story of a murderous psychopath – Napoli Village – Online Information Newspaper