« Atom[ka] »: a new comic book adaptation of a novel by Franck Thilliez, French master of the thriller!

Here is the third and last opus of the comic book version of the “Trilogy of violence”, imagined by Franck Thilliez: the French master of thriller. Once again, captains Franck Sharko and Lucie Hennebelle are on the trail of a fearsome psychopath. After the invasion of Ukraine, fiction is joined by reality, over a breathless story that should satisfy many fans of the genre…

On a cold December morning, captains Franck Sharko and Lucie Hennebelle, of the criminal section of 36 quai des Orfèvres, are investigating after the discovery of the body of a journalist, hidden in the freezer of his lodge in Trappes. The autopsy of the corpse of Christophe Gamblin, specializing in news items for daily life The Grandstand, reveals traces of torture. The man was helping Valérie Duprès in her research: a famous investigative journalist, herself reported missing after taking a sabbatical. She was investigating the deaths of young women, found poisoned with hydrogen sulphide, their bodies having been abandoned in the freezing water of a lake. The same day, in Maisons-Alfort (Val-de-Marne), a paper bearing the scribbled address of the journalist is found in the possession of a Ukrainian child without family, sick and with abnormally aging organs.blank From New Mexico to Ukraine, our two police officers will therefore track down Léo Scheffer: grandson of Paul Scheffer, specialist in radioactivity. Under cover of his association for helping the disabled, the man runs secret laboratories dedicated to the search for eternal life…blank

This hundred-page story offers a dense adaptation of the third part of the “Trilogy of violence”, after “The Syndrome[E]” and “[Gataca]» (1), which have already appeared in this collection and whose novel versions are also available from Univers poche. Sharko and Hennebelle form an endearing duo of cops, confronted with their old demons and whose heavy past is revealed over the novels mentioned. After literature and comics, our inseparable heroes have also become those of a Franco-American television series which will be broadcast very soon, from September 29, on TF1: Sharko and Hennebelle are interpreted by Vincent Elbaz and Jennifer Decker. .blank

Born in 1973 in Annecy, Franck Thilliez won the SNCF Polar Prize in 2007 with his novel “La Chambre des Morts”. He is the author of around twenty books, including “Labyrinthe”, the latest to have appeared in 2022 at Fleuve noir. He mentioned Sharko’s first investigation in “1991”, which appeared the previous year. Since 2017, he has been writing the screenplays for “The Nightmare Brigade”: a series of comic strips for teenagers put into images by Yomgui Dumont and whose sixth album has just been published by Jungle editions.blank

A former bookseller, Sylvain Runberg tackled comics in 2004 with “Astrid”. While creating his own series (“Orbital”, “Le Règne”, “On Mars”, “London Calling”, “Reconquête”, “Outlaws”…), he approaches the adaptation of thrillers with “Millennium”, of which he imagines a sequel to Dupuis editions. He divides his time between France and Sweden.

Self-taught, Luc Brahy (born in 1964, in Istres) worked for advertising before publishing “Zoltan” with Franck Giroud in 1993. He had to wait until 2003 to create “Imago Mundi” with Éric Corbeyran. Among some fifty albums made, let’s note “Insiders Genesis”, “Alto Plano”, “Oukase”, “Julie Doohan”… It was in 2020 that he released the first album of “La Trilogie de la violence”. Despite the speed of execution that is now economically essential, its realistic line remains rich in decorations and neat characters.blank

Created in 2020 by the Steinkis group, with the ambition of offering the adaptation of contemporary novels written by quality authors, Philéas editions are keeping their word this fall. With “Atom[ka] “, they published two other particularly successful works: “Rivage de la anger” by Caroline Laurent (by Laurent Galandon and Rachid N’Haoua) and “Glacé”: the first thriller by Bernard Minier, adapted by Philippe Thirault and Mig (see our column: “Glacé”: the thriller which throws fear!).

Henry Filippini

(1) See: “The Syndrome[E]“: Franck Sharko comic book hero! and “[Gataca]“: Sharko, the hero of Franck Thilliez in comics!.

« Atom[ka] » by Luc Brahy and Sylvain Runberg, after Franck Thilliez

Editions Philéas (€18.90) — EAN: 978-2-4914-6702-9

Publication September 22, 2022blank

« Atom[ka] »: a new comic book adaptation of a novel by Franck Thilliez, French master of the thriller!