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Marvel Comics’ latest Avengers comic book issue has just confirmed that one of the newest additions to the MCU is secretly a complete and utter psychopath.

There have been a number of morally questionable characters (both heroes and villains) in the MCU, but one of the latest additions to the cinematic universe has just been confirmed by the Avengers to be a total and complete psychopath – and that character is none. other than Namor.

Namor the Submarine is of human and Atlantean descent and also carried the X gene, making him a mutant as well as a super powerful Sea King. Her powers include the ability to breathe underwater and on land as well as super strength, speed, durability, and the power to fly with her ankle wings. Namor was introduced in Marvel Comics as a complicated villain who was willing to do whatever it took to protect his kingdom of Atlantis and everyone who lived there. This general characterization of Namor remained mostly unchanged during his MCU debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, but the comics developed his character by putting him in a situation where only the best or worst characters survive.

In Avengers Assemble: Alpha #1 by Jason Aaron, Bryan Hitch, Andrew Currie, and Alex Sinclair, the Earth-616 Avengers travel through time to stop Mephisto from killing the original Avengers, which would have disrupted the timeline and caused damage. irrevocable to the entire universe. However, the original Avengers (the ones that existed back in the caveman days) initially didn’t trust the Avengers and attacked them with everything they had, leading to Namor of the current Avengers confronting Ghost. Rider from the past. Avengers.

Namor felt the burn of Ghost Rider’s penitential gaze and recovered instantly

During their fight, Ghost Rider used the Penance Stare on Namor – an attack that makes anyone they’ve ever hurt feel the pain, and it’s fair to say that Namor has hurt quite a few people throughout. of his extraordinarily long life. Throughout his Marvel Comics career, Namor has drowned Wakanda, ripped the Nazis’ heads off during World War II, and even drowned a number of oil workers early in that same Avengers run. So the Penance Stare not working on him is not a sign that Namor is a purely good person (because he isn’t), but because he truly has no guilt for the countless people that he has hurt in his life, which is the only other way to survive this hellish attack.

Namor is the poster child for people who should be touched by Ghost Rider’s penitent gaze as he’s a former villain and current hero who should feel bad about his violent past, but apparently not at all – a trait shared by the likes of Red Skull and Thanos. Because of this, Namor (who recently joined the ranks of the MCU) is a complete psychopath, and the Avengers have just confirmed it.

Avengers Just Confirmed An MCU Character Is A Psycho | Pretty Reel