Ayuso laughs at the middle class

The grotesque does not seem to have an end in the capital of Spain. If the president of Madrid financially helps families with incomes above one hundred thousand euros a year, almost ten thousand euros a month, so that they can study non-compulsory education, vocational training and high school, and the working class applauds her, it would show once again that the capital of Spain has become a madhouse ruled by a ‘political psychopath’.

And on top of that, there will be public education teachers who within a year will once again deposit in the ballot box the ballot of those who proclaim their commitment to private education by dismantling public education.

But the problem is not Ayuso’s, but rather a society, that of Madrid, which has mostly thrown itself into the arms of the most extreme populism in memory.

If Donald Trump said: ‘If I go out on Fifth Avenue and start shooting people, I won’t lose votes.’ Isabel Díaz Ayuso could not, but she says: ‘We want the middle incomes to also receive aid’. and not only would he not lose votes, but what is more pathetic, is that he wins votes.

Is one hundred thousand euros, 8,500 euros a month, an average income?

It is evident that the president of Madrid lives in a different world from the majority of the rest of the mortals, whose average salary, which is not the majority, is about 1,700 gross, more than four times less than what Ayuso understands by average income, although the majority salary in Spain does not reach twenty thousand euros per year, five times less.


Beyond the way that Ayuso has to laugh in the face of millions of people from Madrid, what it really is to study at universities, is to see how a society is capable of throwing itself into the arms of someone who allowed thousands of elderly people in residences were abandoned to their fate, or seeing how they surrendered to his candid and sometimes sarcastic gaze, when he ordered the bars to be opened to serve beers without caring that the health system was exploding from the inside and taking out their dead almost secretly.

Their voters are the same as the majority who use education and public health, and it is these who complain about schools with barracks, without air conditioning, long queues at health centers and a lack of health professionals, and as a solution they choose to give their trust to those who are telling them that freedom and privatization is paradise, but that the ticket to ascend to the kingdom of Ayuso is paid by diverting money from schools and public health centers, to give it to the promoters of ‘Madrid is Spain and Spain is Madrid’.

If I were rich and lived in Madrid, I wouldn’t doubt it, Ayuso is one of us, what I don’t understand is how when one doesn’t make it to the end of the month, and in public policies lies his only hope of having more opportunities , continue to applaud a woman who despises and hates the real working middle class.

The only explanation is that Canal de Isabel II has had something thrown at it.

PS: Murcia and Madrid are closer than we think.

Ayuso laughs at the middle class – The Official Channel