Balthazar on TF1: what is the final season of the series worth with Tomer Sisley and Constance Labbé?

TF1’s hit detective series “Balthazar” returns tonight with a fifth and final high-flying season that brings the adventures of Raphaël Balthazar to a close. Here is our opinion on the last six episodes.

Less than a year after the end of the broadcast of season 4, which marked the arrival of Constance Labbé in the role of Camille Costes, Balthazar returns this Thursday January 19 at 9:10 p.m. on TF1 for an unprecedented fifth season… which will be the last.

Bad news for fans, as the series carried by Tomer Sisley is certainly the best in terms of police on TF1, managing to combine the humor that we love so much in HPI, very dark investigations in the vein of what Profiling already offered, and revelations and twists that have never ceased to surprise us since the first season aired in 2018.

The faithful of the adventures of the lawyer Raphaël Balthazar will however be happy to learn that their favorite series is about to leave in style with this last season, shortened to only six episodes, against eight to ten the previous years, which turns out to be a conclusion perfect. Which reserves us, once again, many surprises and shock sequences.

Balthazar confronts his past… and his demons

Remember, at the end of season 4, broadcast at the beginning of last year, Raphaël Balthazar, accused of having committed several murders in the village where he grew up, ended up fleeing after realizing that he had actually been trapped by Alexander, his psychopathic older brother whose existence he had concealed.

When this final salvo of episodes begins, the most famous lawyer on the small screen is spending happy days in Marrakech, far from the police who are hunting him. In any case, that’s what the screenwriters want us to believe, since Balthazar is actually waiting to bring his brother out of hiding to put an end to his actions once and for all and prove his innocence.

Unfortunately, everything does not go as planned, and Raphaël is forced to return to Paris incognito when he learns that Camille, Delgado (Yannig Samot) and Olivia (Caterina Murino) have been laid off, and that the police do not arrive. not to stop “The puppeteer”, a bloodthirsty killer who has already claimed several victims.

Thibault Grabherr / TF1

Tomer Sisley and Constance Labbé, Balthazar’s shock duo.

Obviously marked by the return of Leslie Medina and Olivier Sitruk in the roles of Maya and Alexandre Balthazar, these last episodes of the series continue to combine closed investigations and serial intrigue. A red thread that gives pride of place to the hero’s past and takes the form of a final confrontation with his brother. And his past.

Will Balthazar come out unscathed? Not sure. Because between the arrival of his daughter, whom Maya gave birth to in prison and for whom he refuses to take responsibility, the new schemes of his serial killer brother, and the danger hanging over those close to him, the life of the lawyer embodied by Tomer Sisley will more than ever burst into pieces. To our greatest delight.

Six very successful episodes for a climax ending

One of the strengths of the TF1 series created by Clothilde Jamin and Clélia Constantine has always been to offer extremely well-crafted investigations, which do not hesitate to take us into surprising, disturbing and gloomy universes, and to explore the depths of the human soul.

This fifth season is obviously no exception to the rule, with its diabolical serial killer who makes his victims his puppets, his missing influencer, his teenage victims of violence, or his “human bomb” found in a body. lifeless from the forensic institute.

In previous seasons, Balthazar had already managed to successfully revisit the imposed figures of the hostage-taking, the investigation on board a plane, the isolated hero within a distant and hostile community, or the episode during which the characters are filmed by a television crew for a report.


The puppeteer, one of the threats of season 5.

This year, Clothilde Jamin and her team of screenwriters treat us this time with an episode under the influence Window on the courtyard (a starting point which then deviates on something quite different) and an investigation, simply titled “The truth is elsewhere”, which is interested in the mystery of the little green men and obviously echoes The X-Files.

Fans should also be delighted by the treatment given to the various main characters in the series. Like Camille, who will have to face the consequences of the lie she imagined to get closer to her son, or Eddy (Côme Levin) and Fatim (Philypa Phoenix), who continue to love each other despite their differences and their complicated daily life at the IML.

And then there is this final shock, “Game Over”, which promises to make people talk a lot and offers very beautiful scenes to Constance Labbé and Tomer Sisley, which prove to be overwhelming. A very nice way out for Balthazar. Until a last rather brilliant sequence not to be missed.

Balthazar on TF1: what is the final season of the series worth with Tomer Sisley and Constance Labbé?