Be disappointed: the toña will be epic

It is true that there is still a lot of cod to cut until the generals. And it is also true that My Person will die killing and will make us see “things we could never have imagined”, as the dying replicant of Blade Runner.

But even so, I dare to bet a fountain of Corme barnacles with cachelos, washed down with the most exquisite godello, that Sánchez’s toña at the polls will be epic. My forecast is that there will be “albertazo”, in the same way that there was “bonillazo” in Andalusia. The current candidate will stay closer than far from the absolute majority. And I say this even thinking that the PP’s offer lacks ideological calories and real reinforcements (for example, as the current situation is, they should already have a high-level economic reference, a sort of shadow Minister of Economy that inspires confidence and enthusiasm).

The magnificent Samuel Johnson, the great eighteenth-century English critic and lexicographer, quipped that “to marry a second time means the triumph of hope over experience.” Am I allowing hope to prevail over experience when I predict that Sánchez will lose power? I don `t believe. There are factors that make it a losing project despite its airs:

In a few months (or perhaps weeks) we will see the coup leader and fugitive Puigdemont landing in Spain with a red carpet. It will be courtesy of Sánchez, who in the November 2019 campaign promised that he would bring him to prison. That scene will be an acid mockery for most of the public. Does anyone believe that these types of insults are free? Does anyone believe that lying like who whistles has no consequences at the polls? Does anyone believe that releasing the wildest ETA members and giving prison benefits even to a psychopath like Chapote is not paid at all? Does anyone think that the release of dozens of sex offenders to the streets due to the sheer inexperience of a fanatic who is a legal dummy (minister courtesy of Sánchez) does not take its toll?

The second factor that is going to break the bottom of Sánchez is the economy. The Tezanos CIS, which is not exactly suspected of being part of the fateful “ultra-right”, has just published its “Consumer Confidence Index”. The data destroys the pitcher of the story of the milkmaid by Sánchez, Calviño and Bolaños. The assessment of the Spanish on the situation of the economy has fallen 20 points in just one year. The opinion on the situation of households is 17 points below. Employment expectations fall 13 points, the same figure in which consumption has plummeted.

An outstanding president would have a very difficult time repeating his mandate in a situation of inflation and slowdown like the one we are experiencing in Europe. But here we are talking about a tricky, discredited one, who is generally disliked and has inflamed more than half of society by twisting Spanish legality in favor of the country’s worst enemies. So be disappointed: he will continue to levitate, but in reality we are looking at a lame duck. At the end of this year, the public will have to make a simple choice: Pedro and his anti-establishment troupe, or Alberto and recover a certain normality. Does anyone believe that the majority of Spaniards are looking forward to four more years with Sánchez, Junqueras, Irene Montero and Otegui? The PSOE is going to hit a blow and once it loses power it will start an accelerated race towards irrelevance.

(PS: As for the hypothesis of a pucherazo, which is already beginning to be considered in bar talks, I see it as impossible in Spain. Even speaking of who we are talking about).

Be disappointed: the toña will be epic