because the people asked for it

The announcement of the mobilization on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the arrival to the Presidency of the Republic of Andrés Manuel, is confirming what various published studies reveal on the psychological profile of the president, and they are not so far from reality.

A few years ago, in an interview conducted by Tere Mora Guillén for Siempre magazine, Juan Bosco Abascal as president of the Mexican School of Realistic Psychology, spoke about the psychological profile, according to the publication of his book entitled; “MALO Manuel Andrés López Obrador” -his real name of him- that he elaborated in the last 20 years:

The book begins with a graph of the traits analyzed in this character, and they stand out in his performance as a person, as a politician and –in quotes– as a ‘leader’.

He talks about the relative weight and each of them compared them against the Mexican average that is taken from a professional job of more than 30 years, on a sample of one million people.

There it stands out, first, that he is a conscious liar and manipulator; he knows that he lies, manipulates and he does it masterfully. He is astute as few people, the Mexican average has a score of ten percent and BAD has a twenty. That is why he says that “the people asked him to mobilize” and that is why he commands “obeying the people.”

The second element evaluated is that there is an intentional moral perversity through their expressions such as the bankruptcy of companies that have to go bankrupt, “I don’t care, the shareholders, the owners, will pay; through a multitude of actions.

“Another rank of López Obrador is that he belongs to level 4, which is the deepest of invincible and guilty ignorance; There is the same level of invincible ignorance, but innocent. The subject does not know that he does not know, but not through his fault. Hence the criticism that he makes of the “organic intellectuals” of whom he even mocks, including the aspirationists.

“In the third factor of invincible and guilty ignorance, it has 22.5 percent against a Mexican average of 30 percent; then we have factor 4, which is that of an immobilizable psychopathic personality, whose most important features are that they are astute individuals like few others, enjoy the pain of others, incapable of repentance and, most important of all: he has made his conscience a legislator, he defines what is right and what is wrong, that is precisely the main trait of the psychopath, what in others is sin, evil, or crime, in him is virtue: All those who are against are wrong of the INE reform as it is now published even on tiktoks.

Aspect 5 refers to having an absolute lack of empathy regarding the pain and misfortunes of others, regardless of who it is, especially those who are not under his orders, do not kiss his feet and do not obey him, he enjoys making them sweat. This is the psychopathic personality where the highest score for his profile is 28 percent relative out of one hundred. While the Mexican average hardly reaches ten percent.

The sixth feature is what Bosco Abascal called psychosis: “it distinguishes a person who has lost contact with reality, but not with him, López Obrador knows that he is lying, he knows reality, he is not psychotic, he is not insane He is not crazy, his psychotic traits reach at most 2.5 percent, against ten percent of the Mexican average.

Juan Bosco Abascal continued that López Obrador has a paranoid existential personality, whose essential judgment is “I’m fine, you’re bad, and everyone else is bad; As long as you don’t agree with me.” This is demonstrated in a forceful way, when he says that everyone who is not with the 4T is against him and is rooted in corruption, rooted in the crimes of the past, that we are different, we are not dishonest, and it is being Against his way of misgoverning, automatically all of us who are against him are wrong. This is the essential thought of the paranoid personality.

The mobilization of the 27th is a reaction of the president and those who surround him and motivate us, which we must be grateful for because it is confirming to us Mexicans that many of the studies carried out, which are public and are on the web, are not at all far from reality.

The interesting thing will be to know if people take to the streets freely and consciously or if they leave for fear of the psychological profile or for fear of threats to remove government support.

because the people asked for it