Belarra fines Àngels Barceló and removes two points from the feminist card

The world

“We can and PSOE blame themselves for the record of murdered women”. Yeah, yeah, a lot of brawl but in the end Podemos complies as a partner and votes on the budgets, not like Vox. As long as they continue on that path, voting for those of Abascal will be the same as voting for the left.

The editorial becomes angelic and asks not to politicize the murder of women, when it has been the current government that has politicized even having a little bird at home. “Spanish society is one of those that allocates the most resources to combat the scourge, this year in particular, and the statistics have not improved. That’s how the Podemite laws are, the rapists take to the streets and the dead women multiply. Well done, Irene. From his ministry, Equality, “which manages the largest budget ever allocated to the fight against gender violence, becomes part of the problem by becoming a hotbed of laws with such an excessive ideological bias that in most cases they do not even have the support of the socialist wing of the coalition government, thus hindering their main objective: to protect women at risk”. “The certainty that we are facing a failure of this government in its policies to combat gender violence it is evidenced by the statistics”. Luckily there was no need to politicize.

Félix Ovejero despairs of the Moncloa psychopath. “As so often with Sánchez, one is tempted to give up. Moral censures are sterile. Paraphrasing Manolito, the parsimonious character of Mafalda, “The checks of our reproaches are bottomless in the bank of your spirit.” Because we are before a despot. In a technical sense: he doesn’t care about laws or his word. Nor the moral bridles. You just don’t understand them.”

“Spain calls for caution when traveling to China after the increase in Covid infections and the lack of medicines”. Nothing of precaution, we must prevent anyone from China from entering, and whoever enters, test and quarantine. Pedro Sánchez is already taking time. “The zero Covid policy imposed by Xi Jinping has revealed itself to be a disaster in China and a serious threat throughout the world. The country where the coronavirus emerged can now once again become the epicenter of new variants that put the health of millions in jeopardy of people,” the editorial says. “Once again, the opacity with which Beijing is addressing the health crisis does not help, which is reminiscent of the early stages of expansion of the Wuhan strain, when it was more urgent to put a stop to criticism than to the disease itself.” Well, let the authorities act. And don’t let them think of locking us up again for their incompetence.

The country

“Alert for sexist violence: one murdered every 24 hours”. The editorial speaks of “a black December in the endless nightmare that is sexist violence.” “This alarming rise has made it necessary to convene the crisis committee for sexist violence. The fact that more than half of the victims have filed a complaint against their murderers indicates that the prevention and protection mechanisms are not working correctly.” In other words, the government is failing more than a fair shotgun, but of course, this is not what Pepa Bueno says.

“It is very important that society get involved and take the initiative to report any sign of threat. Detection capacity must also be improved through public services such as health, education or social services.” Of course, of course, society, education, social services. Not a reproach to Marlaska or the government laws that are not working.

It’s more, El País blends in with Podemos to the point of blaming the judges. “In the reported cases, one of the critical points is the risk assessment by the judicial authority. Inadequate risk assessment is at the origin of many failures.” “It is very difficult to anticipate the homicidal will of all the abusers. But the failure of the protection measures implies a double failure: on the one hand, it allows preventable deaths to occur, and on the other, it increases the mistrust of battered women in the ability of public authorities to protect them”. And who does the police depend on, Pepa? From Marlaska. Pío, pío that I have not been.

Javier Casqueiro analyzes Feijóo’s balance of the year, and has the rennet of reproaching him for the “attacks on Sánchez”. Casqueiro, did you hear Sánchez’s balance sheet? Because he spent most of his time attacking Feijóo. And it is the opposition who should criticize the Government, not the other way around.


“December murder record for women”. ABC points directly to the Government. “Half of those murdered this month had denounced their attackers, which indicates that there is still a long way to go in the protection measures to be adopted and that the Government cannot be satisfied with the propaganda of its ‘successes’ in the matter, especially after of the evident failure that the new law of ‘only yes is yes’ is assuming”.

Maria Jose Fuenteálamo comments on the scolding that has fallen on the pro-SER feminist.Minister Belarra has removed a couple of points from Àngels Barceló from the feminist card for asking him if he is going to consult about Yolanda Díaz with Pablo Iglesias, who does not hide that he continues to have a strong opinion in the party. Belarra fined Barceló with a rigorous direct public reproach. Deferred, Iglesias sent her a tweet message to take a feminist and journalistic re-education course for asking what shouldn’t be.” You know, Àngels, lThen they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me.

“I don’t know if it also happens to Belarra and Irene Montero, but one of the things that makes me most angry about the patriarchy is that an uncle comes out to defend me when the thing is spoken,” continues Fuenteálamo. And then he talks about paternalism, the most macho uncle in Spain. To my girls that nobody touches me.

“In this country, it cannot be said that Montero is Pablo Iglesias’s partner, as if not saying it made it not true. As if not asking Belarra if he asks Pablo Iglesias for permission implies that he is not going to ask him, when the question is if Iglesias is going to give it to him”. Yes, Pablo, we all know that you are the one in charge in the harem, even if he annoys you.

“This strategy of gaslighting language so that what Podemos does not want is not talked about, which includes everything that does not work in Equality, is only successful at times.” Regarding the record of murdered women, Irenita has limited herself “to saying that more calls are made by phone. Her strategies are increasingly groundbreaking.” “They fight against gender violence the same as against stereotypes: with slogans, tweets and the distortion of language.” You are all fascists and macho. It is the only thing that those of Iglesias know how to do. For this we pay them, thanks to Pedro Sánchez.

The reason

“Feijóo launches a plan to end the ‘practices of sanchismo'”. Feijóo has a plan, chachi. Toni Bolaño attacks the PP. More sanchista than Sánchez himself. “lThe judicial war has not ended according to Feijóo’s words and promises more embarrassing chapters fanned from Genoa 13″. “In Spain after listening to Feijóo and Sánchez the swords are high ready to enter into a duel. Casado is no longer in Genoa 13 but as if he were because Feijóo is going to maintain the same tension against the Government”. Toni, Sánchez is going to accuse you of plagiarism.

“In economic matters, neither can the government expect anything from the opposition that is anchored in its angry country.” “The problem is that whatever these measures are, they will always fall short for a PP that continues to question the legitimacy of the Government, the legitimacy of the Constitution to make the necessary, and obligatory, changes in the judiciary and that patrimonializes Spain as if was a farm he owned. In his opinion, the PSOE cannot choose the partners and even less if they are communists, Catalan independentistas or philoetarras “.

But what does this buzzed say? The PP has never questioned the legitimacy of the Government, which is more than questionable because it deceived the voters; I could not sleep with Podemos, I would never leave the governance of Spain in the hands of the independentistas and I will never, ever agree with Bildu. The only article of the Constitution that interests Sánchez is the one that refers to Justice and if anyone believes that Spain is a farm owned by him, it is Sánchez himself, who has colonized and placed friends in all the institutions. Lately when I read what this gentleman writes I don’t know if I’m reading La Razón or El País.

The editorial of the same newspaper puzzles. “Alberto Núñez Feijóo must be recognized for the fact that, since his arrival at the opposition leadership, he has presented his work of control to the Government as a constructive and purposeful exercise and not only a critic. In these months of the PP Presidency, he has formulated an entire regulatory catalog turned into an authentic program with which to face the real problems of the country. Moncloa has dispatched with arrogance, indifference and clumsiness initiatives that it has adopted later”. “In his balance of the year, Núñez Feijóo, who demonstrates in each of his appearances the grounds and experience as a successful manager endorsed by four absolute majorities, exposed the folly that the check to vulnerable families for the purchase is the half that of the leisure bonus for young people, that the future of homes be put at the service of propaganda. The deterioration of institutions with their colonization has been a mark of Pedro Sánchez that will have to be redirected”. “The opportunity will come for the Spanish to speak. There is a serious and capable alternative that we understand represents the popular president.” Who do we believe, the editorialist of Marhuenda or Toni Bolaño?

Belarra fines Àngels Barceló and removes two points from the feminist card