Bitcoin fans would be real “psychopaths”

The Dark Triad, or Dark Triad, is a set of three aversive personality traits: narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. People who psychologists diagnose as having these personality traits have a heightened sense of their ego, and take pleasure in the pain of others. They also have a hard time feeling empathy and tend to be vicious and manipulative…

A team of researchers from the University of Queensland (Australia) claims to have found these disturbing personality traits after a study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences. The study, conducted on 566 people based on personality questionnaires and individual interviews aimed to determine the psychology of crypto investors.

Researchers Find Many Crypto Investors Have a “Dark Triad” of Psychological Traits

A quarter of the sample claimed to own crypto while two-thirds said they wanted to invest. What they discovered was that dark triad traits stuck to a portion of the investors in their sample. According to the researchers, people whose psychology matches the dark triad are attracted to crypto because of their risk appetite.

One of the study’s authors, Dr. Di Wang, explains: “Dark Triad traits are said to be ‘dark’ because of their evil dimension: extreme self-centeredness, and the tendency to take advantage of others without any empathy. Dark triads are also often linked to risk-taking attitudes.”

The researcher goes on to explain that the affinity of these people for crypto and bitcoin is largely related to the lack of a central authority. Machiavellian people, who are characterized by calculation and deception in order to take advantage of other people, would be seduced by cryptoassets “mainly because of the lack of confidence they have in government policies and agencies”.

And to add: “many crypto proponents believe that governments are corrupt and that crypto helps circumvent this systematized corruption”. On the other hand, narcissists are attracted to crypto because they have an unshakeable faith in the future and in a life that will necessarily be better.

Finally, psychopathic people are attracted to cryptos because of their sadistic and impulsive dimension: they seek strong sensations at all costs, value themselves against those who do not invest and are afraid of losing for themselves the reward that they could derive from investments. But then… does that necessarily mean that being interested in crypto necessarily makes you bad?

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Not really, according to the team of researchers – who stress at this stage that their work requires a more complete study. “We only studied a small sample of people interested in crypto who possessed these personality traits. If you hold Bitcoin or crypto yourself, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have all of these personality traits.”concludes the researcher… here we are reassured (?).

Bitcoin fans would be real “psychopaths”