Bitcoin investors are sadistic psychopaths, according to science

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency investors are selfish, sadistic, narcissistic, and Machiavellian psychopaths. At least, that’s what researchers say following a scientific study…

What is the typical Bitcoin investor profile? According to science, it is a calculating psychopath with an inflated ego.

This is revealed a study of 500 people by researchers at the Queensland University of Technology. The goal was to discover personality traits the most common among cryptocurrency fans.

This published survey in the journal Personality and Individual Differences reveals that many investors show signs related to the “dark tetrad” : narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathology and sadism.

People with these personality traits usually place a lot of importance on themselves and derive pleasure from the suffering of others. They have little empathy, and are often sneaky and manipulative.

Dark tetrad and attraction to Bitcoin

A total of 566 people were interviewed through a personality test. Participants also answered questions regarding their attitude towards cryptocurrencies.

Of all respondents, one in four said they hold cryptocurrencies and two-thirds expressed an interest in investing in this area. Now, the four traits of the dark tetrad are correlated with an affinity for investing.

According to the researchers, people with this character are particularly attracted to cryptocurrencies because they are prepared to take risks. However, digital assets like Bitcoin are known for their extreme volatility. The idea of ​​losing it all or gaining it all is very appealing to this type of individual.

Bitcoin: the currency of narcissistic psychopaths without empathy?

As Dr. Di Wang explains, “ dark tetrad traits are considered evil, as they lead to extreme selfishness and taking advantage of others without any empathy. They are also often associated with risky behaviors “.

At the same time, the link between these character traits and interest in Bitcoin is also linked to the fact that this digital currency has no central authority. This means that it is separate from banks and governments.

But people with a Machiavellian temper, who excel in betrayal and take a calculating approach to achieving their goals, love cryptocurrency.” mainly because they do not trust politicians and governments “. The researcher adds that many crypto fans are convinced that governments are corrupt.

For their part, narcissists are attracted to technology because they tend to focus on the positive side of life. The study reveals that these people love crypto because they have faith in the future and are confident that their lives will get better.

Finally, impulsive and sadistic psychopaths like Bitcoin because they are looking for the big thrill and the investment reward. Dr. Wang believes that this is again a manifestation of selfishness.

So, do you recognize yourself in the character traits identified by the study? The researchers point out, however, that this survey was conducted on a small sample of investors, and that crypto holders do not necessarily have these faults…

Bitcoin investors are sadistic psychopaths, according to science