Books: Polar or SF, let yourself be guided by Alexandre Léoty

It is not necessary to cross the Atlantic to find traces of serial killers… No need for the dark streets of the City of Angels or the desert landscapes that the mythical Route 66 crosses. Danger can also lurk close to the Place du Capitole, or on the banks of the Canal du Midi. If you doubt it, then open the last novel ofAlexandre Leoty Whispers of the Apocalypse (TDO editions) and you will meet a psychopathic killer from here!

Journalist and novelist A native of Toulouse, a historian by training, Alexandre Léoty is now based in Villefranche-de-Lauragais. Author of numerous documentary works (in particular with Privat editions), he has also given free rein to his literary verve through several crime novelsThis year, he is publishing a new thriller and a youth SF book…

New duo of investigators in the streets of Toulouse

Alexandre Léoty, in Toulouse. Photo DR

Whispers of the Apocalypse is a thriller whose action takes place around the Pink City . “After staging the investigations of journalist Gabriel Hadour in my first four novels (at the rate of one per year: Neither God nor Devil, Les ombres du Midi, Le Tueur du canal and Le Diable des Pyrénées)I imagined here a new duo of investigators, made up of Tessa Marie-Luce, a cop with a strong character from Martinique, and Jacob Amory, a hacker who hides a dark secret”

explains the novelist, who signs his sixth thriller there. The investigators’ playground remains the one favored by Alexandre Léoty since his beginnings: Occitania. “My last opus was located in the heart of the Pyrenees. In this new novel, I have chosen a more urban, harsher atmosphere,he specifies . Our region is from my point of view a great theater for the imagination

: there are all the landscapes, all the atmospheres. I’m still a long way from having gone through it!”

Behind the thrill, a deeply human approachWith this new detective story Alexandre Léoty wants to continue to surprise his audience. “I am lucky to be able to count on more and more readers, he rejoices. With Whispers of the Apocalypse, I hope to be the source of a few more sleepless nights”.

he comments. But the author’s talent is not limited to thrills, however. It is also a human look that he carries and shares on his characters who are never simple stooges of the plot. The Caribbean investigator and the agoraphobic hacker are not just stereotypes, they live, love, suffer

and it is in this that the pen of Alexandre Léoty gives us even more desire to turn the pages of this new opus…

Time travel, at the heart of a trilogy

The author is embarking on a new adventure with a youth SF novel… Photo credit C.-L.The Toulouse writer is in verve since this year he also published a youth science fiction novel with Les éditions du 38. EntitledMax Valentin and the Source of Time

blankthis is the beginning of a whole new literary adventure for the writer.“I have been carrying this new project for several years , he explains. I wanted to write a story for young audiences, about a theme that makes me dream

: time travel.” Teens aren’t the only ones who can get on board alongside apprentice time traveler Max Valentin. This novel, which the publisher places “halfway between Back to the future and Harry Potter”(**)

also has its place in the library – or on the reading light – of all those who have retained a child’s soul.“There is adventure, of course, but that’s not all ,continues the writer

. I imagined a whole universe, a complex and – I hope – exciting world, in which time travel does indeed exist. This world, readers discover it at the same time as my hero, who is a fifteen-year-old high school student. This foray into children’s literature should not stop there, for the Toulouse novelist. “This book, which can of course be read completely independently, was imagined as the first volume of a trilogy”,

he slips. We are waiting for the sequel!

Philippe MORET Summary :The body of an unnamed man is found in a freshly dug grave in the darkness of the Terre-Cabade cemetery in Toulouse. A burial which was however not intended for him… This sinister messenger from beyond the grave is only the first victim of a series of atrocious murders committed by the one whom the press quickly nicknamed The killer with the four elements. To track down this maniac who is bloodying the region, Tessa Marie-Luce, commander of the SRPJ in Toulouse, can only count on her courage. And the support of a strange young man, reclusive for years in the solitude of his secrets. Together, they will only have four days and four nights to discover the identity of the assassin. Before the Apocalypse descends on the Pink City… Whispers of the Apocalypsepublished by TDO, 444 pages,
20€ . (**) The plot:Maxime Valentin could be a fifteen-year-old teenager like the others if he hadn’t got into the habit, since his childhood, of playing with time, slowing down or speeding up his pace as he pleases. But deep down, is this astonishing power really real? Or is it just the fruit of his fertile imagination? The answer to all his questions, Max will find it in spite of himself by integrating the Lycée SaintRose, a curious Provençal boarding school whose stone corridors actually camouflage the Tempus Institute. Because here, accompanied by his teammates Zacharie and Flora, the teenager will learn to… travel in time! The beginning of an incredible adventure that will transport him to the meanders of the past, in search of the Source of time… Max Valentin and the Source of Time Editions of 38, 312 pages,


(€6.99 in ebook).

Occitania, so rich in writers!

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