Brave and Beautiful, final spoiler: Riza kidnaps Suhan, Tahsin accidentally injures her

The latest Italian episodes of Brave and Beautiful, broadcast soon on Canale 5, will be characterized by some twists that will shock viewers. Before the story of Cesur and Sühan ends, the Korludağ family will experience terrible times. After Korhan’s death, the protagonist will find herself between life and death due to a crazy plot by the evil Rıza. Let’s see in detail what events will happen in the series finale.

Advances Brave and Beautiful: in the final Korhan and Cahide are reconciled

In the final installments of Brave and Beautiful the psychopath Rıza will keep his promise: to become the torment of Cesur and Sühan.

According to the previews, everything will start from the story centered on the kidnapping of Banu Vardar’s son. Cesur will be the one to free the child after the lawyer confesses that she was blackmailed by Rıza and had to poison Sühan to save her son. The woman’s revelation will clear Cahide of the attempted murder of her sister-in-law. However, she won’t have time to get out of prison when her waters will break and she’ll go into labor. After being rushed to hospital, the woman will give birth to little Nurhan. The birth of his daughter will bring Korhan closer together and he will decide, together with his wife, to start all over again for the good of the child.

In the latest episodes of Brave and Beautiful Korhan dies in Sühan’s arms

The ending of Brave and Beautiful it will be bitter for the Korludağ family. The psychopath Rıza he will have no mercy and will stain himself once again with a ferocious murder. The criminal will pretend not to be aware of the son’s release Banu and will ask the latter to bring Cesur in a place away from home.

With the excuse of paying the ransom, the former convict will want to kill Alemdaroğlu.

According to the advances, the lawyer, in agreement with the prosecutor, will pretend to be in the game, and together with Cesur they will plan a trap for the criminal. In reality it will be the latter to have played in advance. The madman will not go to the meeting place, but to the Alemdaroğlu estate, where in the meantime he will have arrived Korhan.

After shooting the guards, she will break into the house and point a gun at Sühan, but her brother will shield her, being shot in the chest. Young Korludağ will die in his sister’s arms.

In the finale of Brave and Beautiful Tahsin involuntarily injures Sühan

Sühan he will still have to overcome some tough tests before returning to Cesur’s arms. Taking a look at the episode already aired in Turkey in 2017, the young woman will end up in hospital dying. Before we get to this we need to take a step back to the moment of Korhan’s death. Rıza will kill the latter and kidnap the designer. Despair and anger towards the criminal will bring Cesur And Tahsin to cooperate for to free Sühan.

The psychopath, however, will plan an even more cruel revenge. After finding the place where she is being held, Korludağ will provoke accidentally the wounding of his daughter. By opening the door to the room where Sühan is, a mechanism will trigger a gunshot against the young woman, bound and gagged. After the terrible event, the young woman and the child she is expecting will find themselves between life and death.


Brave and Beautiful, final spoiler: Riza kidnaps Suhan, Tahsin accidentally injures her